20 Of The Best Organization For School Ideas

Back to school seems like the time of the year that we scramble to get everyone ready.  There never seems to be enough time to get everything done and that’s why I created a list of the best organization tips for back to school.  

Instead of scrambling around not being organized for the kids' school routine, why not grab some amazing organizing ideas you can use to help you and your kids to get back into the swing of things before the bell rings.

 Organization for school is hard to do with the sun out but you'll find more than 20 back to school organizing ideas to get you and your family ready for school.  Enjoy back to school checklists, homework stations, and so much more in this post. #backtoschool #organizingideas #backtoschoolchecklist #backtoschooltips #homeworkstation

Becoming organized for back to school is something that I struggle with year after year.  Every year it really does seem that summer comes and goes way too quickly leaving me scrambling to get everything the kids need for school and getting the house organized so we can have a successful school year.  

With the demands of my husband’s job, we find ourselves usually on vacation a week before school starts.  I’m usually so focused on getting us ready for vacation, organizing the kids for back to school usually falls through the cracks.  Since this is something that I struggle with year after year, it’s time for me to put a system in place.

For as long as I can remember a few of the biggest problems I face are:

  • Store selling out of supplies before I get out to buy them

  • Having a designated homework station

  • Having a complete back to school shopping list

I’ve come to the point that I dread August so much because there is just enough time in the day to get everything done.  I know that I’m not the only one here and that is exactly why I put this list together.

There is so much to organize for getting everyone ready for school I’ve got you covered with some great back to school tips that will organize many different areas that need to be organized.

back to school checklists.jpg

Back to school checklists

Having checklists keep me organized and also helps me remember everything that I need to do and buy.  There’s nothing worse than forgetting an item here and there causing you to take yet another trip to the store.

Back to School Checklist

Back to School Shopping Checklist

Chalkboard Notebook

Organizing back to school at home

Once you get all of the shopping done, you’ll need to organize the items at home.  Creating a hub and organizing the clothes are something that will really help you know where everything is helping to eliminate the night before scramble.

Back to School Clothes Organizer

Back to School Organization Hub

School Supply Organizers

Organized Entryway for Back to School

Back to School Clothing Organization

School Supply Organization

Family Command Center

back to school lunches.jpg

Lunch organization and menu planning

Making sure your kids are eating healthy throughout the school year is vital to learning and growing.  When you have organized systems in place this can become a simple task. Creating lunch planners and organizing the fridge and pantry for easy lunch prep is here.  Below are some great examples of what you can do.

Back to School Fridge and Pantry Organization

Lunch Packing Station

Organized Lunch Planner

Menu Planning

Before and after school routines

Routines can be somewhat confusing and overwhelming to put into place.  I’ve personally seen first hand how well they can help save time and keep everyone organized.  Setting up routines for kids is key to getting them to school on time and getting enough sleep.  

Back to School Morning Routine

After School Organization


portable homework station.jpg

Keeping homework organized

Homework isn’t just for high school kids.  Homework is being assigned earlier and earlier.  Having designated homework areas will allow kids to excel at their school work.  Keeping all of the supplies in one place and having a well-lit area is key. Here are a few examples you can use to create an organized homework area.

Back to School Command Center

Create a Homework Station

Organized Filing System

Homework Organization

Portable Homework Station

School Binder Organization

Homeschool Room Organization

By spending a little bit of time setting up shopping lists so you don’t forget vital supplies and organizing the supplies as soon as they arrive you’ll be able to start the organizing process.  Then making sure the kids have routines to follow to make sure they are getting enough sleep and getting to school on time will make your and their experience at school a lot better.

Making healthy and smart food choices will give the kids fuel for their mind and body needs to learn and excel at school.  This also helps save time so there’s no temptation for poor food choices.

Setting up an organized homework space that provides the supplies they need and an area that works for them will ensure their school success.

When you provide the area and tools your kids need for success you are investing in their success.  

I hope that you found this post useful and are coming away with some great ideas to organize your kids back to school.

I would love to know in the comments below, when do you start back to school shopping?  Let me know in the comments below. I’ve added a few posts below that I thought you might enjoy. 

Have an amazing day.