How to organize your family calendar with one free tool

If you have a hard time keeping track of your entire family's schedule and/or your family has separate calendars and you need to keep track of everyone's calendar then this post is for you.  In this post, I'm going to show you how to organize your entire family calendar with one free tool.  If you're new to creating a schedule for your family here's a post I wrote on that.

This is perfect if everyone is using an electronic calendar.  You and your family don't have to start a new calendar just merge them with one tool.  I love schedule and calendars if you're in need of starting a schedule read this post.

 If you have a hard time keeping track of your entire family's schedule and/or your family has separate calendars and you need to keep track of everyone's calendar then this post is for you.  In this post, I'm going to show you how to organize your entire family calendar with one free tool. #familyschedule #familycalendar #timemanagement #familycalendarorganization #familycalendarideas #familycalendarapp #app #calendarapp

We are a very busy and overscheduled family.  With my husband's busy schedule, my kid's schedules, and my schedule it can be impossible for us to be on the same page when it comes to days and times we are free.

I'd like to introduce you to Cozi.  Cozi is an online program/app that allows you to merge your family's calendars together.  Not only are you able to merge calendars but you can create to-do lists, shopping lists, and weekly meal plans all in one spot.

I want to also share that I was not compensated for this post and all of my opinions are my own.

With our family, this was a perfect solution to many problems we were facing.  The biggest problem was not knowing what everyone was up to.  We have a monthly whiteboard calendar up but sometimes we forget to add appointments to that calendar causing double booking problems.

I would love to walk you through how simple it was to set up and start using the same day.

Create your Cozi account

You'll want to go to to create your free account.  Once you're there you'll create a master password.  This is the same password everyone will use to sign in.

cozi sign up.png

Here you'll click sign up for Cozi.  Once there add your email address, name, household name, and shared password.

cozi create an account.png

The great thing is, there's one password for the entire family.  So you don't have to worry about someone forgetting a password.

Once an account has been created now it's time to start setting up your account.  Here's what that page looks like:

cozi set up your account.png

Tell Cozi who's in your family.  This will set everyone up before they sync their emails.


Add your name, your spouse's name, and kids names.  Create a household name.  You can use your last name household or something that maybe you refer to your family as.

cozi family set up.jpg

Once that is complete, it's time to integrate your calendars.  There is step by step instructions on how to do that.  On the sidebar, you'll find directions for the type of calendar you use.  For example, google calendar, apple calendar, and so on.

Once the calendars have been synced you'll see appointments on your Cozi calendar.  

Another great option is to color code your family members.  This way you know which appointments go with who.

To set this up, head to the settings.

Once there click on calendar you'll see a section for each person in your family.  In this section add a color for each person and a color for the family.  This will help organize your calendar better.


Personalize your Cozi account by adding a family photo.  To do this click on the photo in the upper left corner.

add a family photo.jpg

Once you do that, it will take you to this screen.

add a family photo.jpg

Now that you've got your family photo added and your calendars all set up, it's time to set up one of the most powerful parts (in my opinion) of this app and that's the shopping list and menu.

I like to create a master shopping list and shopping lists for individual stores I shop at.  This doesn't just have to be grocery shopping if you need to head to Ikea or the Container store you can create shopping lists for those stores too.

Head to the shopping tab on the left then start creating specific lists for the stores you shop at or just create a weekly or monthly shopping list.  The great thing about this app is it's completely customizable to fit you and your family's needs.

Setting up to do lists couldn't be easier with this app.  You can create a to-do list for everyone in your family plus have one master to-do list that anyone can cross things off of.

family to do list.jpg

As you can see the same colors are assigned so there's no confusion of who's in charge of what.  

I love this feature and use it for chores for the kids.  They know what they need to complete without any question.

Meal planning for busy families

They really won me over with this feature.  The meals section allows you to add your favorite recipes to the recipe box section. 

Before we get into that, let's start with the meal planner.  Cozi gives you a section for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks which allows you to plan all of the meals for the week or month (depending on how far out you like to plan).  

By planning out your entire menu you'll be less likely to run out of food and be unprepared for a meal.

You can type in your meal ideas in each section.

The next section is the recipe box section.  The recipe box section is the area where you can add your family's favorite recipes right here.

Up at the top click recipe box and then click add new recipe.  This will allow you to add your recipes right to the app.

cozi set up your recipe box.png

Name the recipe, describe it, add the link (if applicable) add the ingredients, and then how to prepare the dish.  

Add a category so you can quickly access the recipe.

Once the recipe is saved in the recipe box you can click on that recipe to add it to your menu.  Then when you need to create your shopping list you can click the link that says "add ingredients" (I'll show you more on that in a moment).

Now that you've added your family's favorite recipes it's time to checkout another amazing section of this app.  The folder's section of the Meals section.

Up on top click folders.  You'll find some already added recipes you can choose from!  This was so amazing to see!!  If you're stuck on trying to figure out what's for dinner you can click there and find something for dinner quickly.

You have the option of adding the recipe to your recipe box.  

Now to add the ingredients to your shopping list just simply click "add ingredients to Cozi shopping list" and they'll be added to your list.  

You don't have to worry about forgetting to write down an item on your shopping list.

Capture your growing family with the Journal section

One thing I'm really bad at doing is taking pictures.  I forget and then I think back on certain times of my kid's life and regret not getting more photos.  

With smartphones being a big part of our life it's easier than ever to capture the family as they are growing.  In the Journal tab on the left you can add photos plus capture those photos with something that you don't want to forget.

You don't have to be on vacation for this to be used.  A day at the park, a fun time you're having at home.  Don't miss out on those fun times anymore.

cozi journal.png

Those are all of the sections available to the free version of Cozi.  They do offer a paid version called Cozi Gold.

With Cozi Gold you'll get:

  • No sidebar ads
  • Mobile month view
  • Calendar search (I love this feature!)
  • Multiple reminders
  • Change notifications
  • Shopping mode
  • Contacts
  • Birthday tracker
  • Mobile app themes

With it being only $29.99 a year for the entire year it's a great deal if you are connected to your calendar like my family is.

Cozi is still a powerful tool using the free version.  I suggest trying Cozi out for your family and see how much more organized your schedules are after a few days.

I would love to know in the comments below, have you tried Cozi before?  If you haven't will you? 

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Have an amazing day,