How To Make A Farmhouse Wall Sign This Weekend

Farmhouse decor is everywhere right now.  It’s online, on tv, in the stores, everywhere we turn farmhouse decor is there.  To be honest, I’m quite obsessed with it right now, thank you Chip and Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper).  However, I’m not obsessed with the price tag. If you remember I created this over the toilet shelf.

I’ve been wanting a home sign to place in my entryway for a while but I just couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for and if I did I didn’t like the price tag ($50 or more!).  

In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how I was able to create this home sign in a weekend for about $10.  This farmhouse wall sign was simple to make the hardest part is waiting for the glue to dry and the stain to set because you’ll want to hang this in your entryway as soon as you make it.

I also created a complete workbook for you to print out and use as a guide.  It includes the shopping list, cut list, and the step by step instructions so you can make this yourself.

 In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how I was able to create this home sign in a weekend for about $10.  This farmhouse wall sign was simple to make the hardest part is waiting for the glue to dry and the stain to set because you’ll want to hang this in your entryway as soon as you make it.  #farmhousedecor #farmhouseentryway #diyhomedecor #diyfarmhousedecor #diyentrywaydecor #diyhomedecor #woodsigns #woodworking #woodcrafts #woodworkingprojects #woodworkingideas #homecrafts #homecraftsdiy #homecraftideas #homedecorideas #homedecorideas #homedecordiy

Farmhouse style decor

Creating your own farmhouse style decor doesn’t take any experience or crazy equipment.  I want you to know that if I can make this sign anyone can.

With the price tags of the farmhouse decor being so pricey it’s important to find ways to create cheap farmhouse decor.

This is a cheap and easy diy home project

Do you have to be a diy’er to make this?  No way!

All you need to make this project yourself are:

  • 2 cedar planks (that are a $1.50 each!)

  • Wood stain

  • Paint (navy blue and white is what I used)

  • Boxwood greenery

  • Letters (or stencils to make this even cheaper)

  • 2 handles (optional)

  • Hot glue

  • Wood glue

If you have the paint, stain, and glue at home then you’ve made this project even cheaper.

Since I did have everything except for the boxwood greenery, letters, and wood at home it made it very simple and cheap.

The most expensive piece was the boxwood greenery.  However it doesn’t take much of the greenery to make so I’m able to use it in other projects (coming soon).

Simple diy home project

I couldn’t believe how quickly it came together.  I spent about 40 minutes total on this project. But with paint, stain, and glue drying times this project does take a couple of days to make.  I’ve created a video tutorial of the whole process below.

To download the cut list, shopping list, and complete step by step tutorial click the button below.

Cut the cedar planks

The first step is to cut the cedar planks to the desired length.  How I determined the length was spacing the letters 2” apart and giving 4” from the edges so there was room to add the handles.

decor sign supplies.png

Attach the 2 boards together

The next step was to attach the 2 boards together.  I used some wood glue and clamps. Since the wood glue takes a while to dry I wanted to get to staining so I added some temporary clamps to the back so I could stain the wood without worrying about the wood not sealing.

assemble wood.png
attach wood.png


Once the boards were clamped together it was time to stain.  I like to allow the stain to dry over-night because I use a stain/poly mix.  This also allowed the glue to dry completely.

stain wood.png

Making the letters

Now it’s time to paint the letters.  To give the letters a distressed look I painted them navy blue first and allowed them to dry.  It takes about an hour for the letters to dry completely.

Then I went over the letters with white paint.  Once I painted them white I allowed them to dry overnight.

**To make an even more distressed look to the sign you can sand the cedar planks after the stain has dried completely.  

Assembling the Farmhouse Home Sign

Now that everything is dry it was time to distress the letters.  To do this I took some 80 grit sandpaper to the letters and sanded to give it that distressed look.  Once the letters were the way I wanted them it was time to assemble.

I measured exactly where the letters would go making sure that I made enough room for the ‘O’ that I will make out of the boxwood greenery.

I nailed the letters to the cedar planks with finishing nails.  I also used some hot glue to help hold them.

diy home sign.png

Attaching the boxwood greenery

Once the H, M, and E were attached it’s time to create the ‘O’.  Using hot glue and working in a circle making sure to hide the stems as much as possible I was able to create the O.

boxwood greenery.png
attach boxwood greenery.png

Attaching handles

I purchased these 2 handles at Lowes on clearance for $.97 each.  I pre-drilled holes, this is an important step so you don’t split the wood.  Attached the handles and the sign is ready to be added to the entryway (or any space you’d like to place it).

diy home project.png

To watch the video tutorial you can enjoy that here.

All in all this project was very simple.  Farmhouse decor is very simple to create on your own.  With a few supplies, you can have this sign (or something similar) in your home.  To make this sign yourself you can download the design workbook. This workbook includes the complete shopping list, cut list, and step by step instructions.

Still unsure if you can make this sign?  

Where can I get all of the supplies and do I need big saws and drills?

I purchased almost everything for this project at Lowes.  If you have a home improvement store close to home they’ll have everything there.  I did purchase the letters and greenery at Michaels. If you’d rather shop online here are a few links to get you started:

  • Wood glue

  • Hot glue

  • Hardware

  • Letters

  • Boxwood greenery

  • Finishing nails

  • Stain

  • Paint

  • Paintbrushes

The tools I used to make this were:

  • Miter saw (you can use a handsaw if you’d like)

  • Drill (you can use a screwdriver but a drill does save time and it’s easier)

  • Eye protection

  • Ear protection

How much hands-on time will this take?

I only spent about 40 minutes total creating this sign.  Most of the time it was sitting and drying. The stain and glue take about 12-16 hours to dry completely so allowing this to sit overnight was perfect.

Are you ready to make more than just a sign?  Here are a few other DIY projects that take less than a weekend to make and anyone can make this (I make all of my projects by myself).

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I would love to know if this is something that you’ll be making for your home?  Let me know in the comments below.