How To Make A Faux Boxwood Wreath

I see boxwood wreaths all over Pinterest, Instagram, Target, and basically every magazine I pick up.  The deep dark green wreaths really help give a pop of color to a front porch, entryway, or really any room you want to hang it.

Since I've been seeing them all over I thought it was time to make a few myself.  In this post, I'm going to show you how simple it is to DIY a faux boxwood wreath yourself in just a matter of a few minutes.


The great thing about making a boxwood wreath yourself is you have complete control over the size of your wreath.  If you are looking to have a small boxwood wreath or a large boxwood wreath, the process is exactly the same.

Making a faux boxwood wreath is an item you can enjoy for a long time because the stems won't go bad or dry out.  Which will really save you money in the long run.  Greenery stems have come a long way and look very lifelike.

It's was way past time for me to update my front porch area.  I had nothing to make my front door inviting at all.  Boxwood wreaths are everywhere but I haven't been happy with the price tag.  For a simple 18" wreath can cost you $40 or more and I just wasn't going to pay that.

Since I make fresh evergreen wreaths in the winter I had wire wreath frames in my garage just collecting dust.  I knew that I could spare a few to create boxwood wreath for my front windows.

Our home is an L shape and trying to figure out a creative way to decorate the front porch is quite challenging.  

I have 2 large windows up front and I wanted to hang the wreaths from there so with a little bit of thinking and creating I was able to come up with a plan that was simple, cheap, and going to make the front porch so much more inviting.

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The supplies you'll need:

I also created a shopping list with a step by step quick reference checklist you can download to help you create this wreath yourself.  Click the button below to grab that.

Making your faux boxwood wreath

The supply list is quite short and you can grab any of the items off of Amazon, Michaels, Joann's, or any other craft supply store.


The boxwood greenery comes in packs with multiple stems in one so you'll want to use your craft wires to cut them down.  I created a short video with all of the steps that you can watch below.


You'll start off by grabbing your 18" wire wreath frame.  Then secure the floral wire to the wreath so you can wrap the wire around the wreath frame and the greenery.


I grabbed 3 stems at a time, laid them down, and wrapped the wire around them a couple of time to secure the stems to the wreath frame.  I repeated the process until I came to the end.


Once I got to the end I secured the first batch to the last batch to make sure all the stems were secure.  


I cut the wire with about 6" of extra so I could secure the wire on the back and this made it very simple to hide the extra wire.


Once the wreath was complete I cut a piece of burlap ribbon so I could hang my new boxwood wreath up using a command hook on our large window out front.

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Here's a short video showing you the exact process.

Are you ready to make your own faux boxwood wreath?  I created a simple shopping list and quick instruction guide that you can print off and take with you.  Click the button below to grab that.

faux boxwood wreaths.jpg

Making home decor doesn't have to be scary.  This is something that you can create for your home in under an hour.  The supplies you need are simple to find and once you get the hang of wrapping the wire you'll become a wreath making fool.

I want to thank you so much for stopping by, I've linked a few other posts below that I thought you mgiht enjoy.

Have an amaizng day.