Three Home Essentials That Are Always Worth Spending More On

Your decor and furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune to have a gorgeous home. There are plenty of ways you can make savings, from snagging fantastic second-hand deals to DIY-ing items yourself and scouring budget stores for bargains.

If you choose well, you can kit out most of your home without spending much at all-however there are some exceptions. There are some things that are always worth saving for and spending a little more on as they will last you longer and provide you with the best quality. Here are a few examples.

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You really don’t need an expensive bed frame- a cheap divan or bed base will do just fine providing it’s sturdy. However your mattress is a different matter, and it’s always worth spending a little more here.

More expensive mattresses are generally made with better quality materials with more rigorous testing and design. The foam will be of higher grade, and less prone to permanent dipping as you lie on it. The springs are more likely to be pocket sprung, as opposed to open coil. Pocket sprung coils are more hardwearing and provide better support, so your mattress will last you longer.

Really do your research here, if you look at reviews of Casper mattress, Eve mattress, Simba mattress and similar you will be able to see how others got on with these popular models. Ideally, you will go into a bed store and lie on some different models yourself to work out what materials and firmness level feels most comfortable to you.


Your sofa gets a lot of use over the years. If you’re not in bed, chances are if you’re relaxing at home you’re on the sofa. It’s used by all members of the family as well as guests. It gets sat on, lay on, pets and children might jump on it at times.

As with mattresses, more expensive sofas will usually be made of better materials and will have been thoroughly tested before going into production. A cheap sofa might look ok at first, but poor materials will lead to sagging, peeling and it becoming ugly, uncomfortable and misshapen.

Just like with mattresses, sofas come in different firmness levels so it’s always worth going to see the one you like in person instead of just ordering online. You can feel how comfy it is as well as check out the size, color, and materials instead of just hoping for the best.



Flooring makes such a difference in the home, there’s nothing worse than warped laminates, peeling vinyl or frayed carpets to make a home look tatty. Flooring can be expensive so you will want to get this right.

Spending more on things like solid wooden floors or marble tiles downstairs means you will never need to replace them if you look after them well. For carpets, choose high quality and stain resistant brands, for high traffic areas like stairs you need hardwearing types to stand the test of time.

So when you are trying to work your budget keep these three home essentials in mind when you go to do an update on your home.