How To Get Motivated To Clean: 10 Simple Tips

Cleaning motivation isn't something that some have and other's don't.  There are things that people do to help them get motivated to clean.  Sometimes they don't know where to start cleaning other times they're completely overwhelmed by the mess.

In this post, I'm going to share 10 simple steps you can take to become motivated to clean.  It doesn't matter if you're looking to clean an entire home or just one room all of these tips do apply.

It's hard to create a cleaning schedule that you can follow and that's why I created a cleaning house checklist to help you with the cleaning motivation.


Living in a clean home isn't something that just happens.  It takes work and this is something that I learned the hard way.  When you work, have kids, and a life the last thing you have time for is cleaning.

When I got home from a long day of work I had to worry about getting dinner on the table the kids ready for bed and I just didn't have any extra time or energy to devote to a clean home.  

Then as time went on the house got dirtier and dirtier and then I was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start so again, the house stayed dirty.

In most cases, cleaning isn't the issue, it's:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Not knowing where to start
  • Overwhelmed with the mess

How to get motivated to clean 

Sometimes it helps to just start.  However, if you don't know where to start and then you might run into another problem.  That's why I'm sharing 10 tips that have helped me.  Sometimes just starting to clean isn't the answer sometimes you don't have a routine in place or you don't have any energy and that's why I'm going to be covering all of those areas.

Messy house depression

Do you suffer from messy house depression?  I didn't know that was even a thing until I was suffering from it.  

If you find yourself really depressed at home but are able to perk up once you leave, you may suffer from messy house depression.

I noticed the only time I was depressed was when I was at home, surrounded by clutter.  It was hard to find the energy or motivation to clean.  Each day I had every intention of getting to cleaning the messes but all of the energy and motivation left as soon as it came. 

What I really noticed was I was too overwhelmed and didn't know where to even start so the cycle continued.

How to clean a house step by step

If only I could share with you the "right way" to clean a house but every home is different that is why I can't just say "start here and clean this" and then your home will magically be clean forever.

What I can do is share some steps I take to clean my house and that's where we come to the 10 tips that I use to stay motivated to clean.

I always start my cleaning with my cleaning house checklist and then I use these following 10 tips to keep my motivation going:

  • I clean in the morning
  • Have a set cleaning schedule
  • Use a stocked cleaning caddy
  • I start in the same spot & direction every time
  • Make it a routine
  • Remove distractions
  • Listen to music
  • Keep at it
  • Keep the faith
  • Reward me

Cleaning house checklist

When you're overwhelmed and don't know where to start.  Using a guide to help you like a cleaning house checklist is a perfect tool to use.  This cleaning checklist really helps me stick to the task at hand instead of getting lost. 

I've created a free checklist that you can use.  Click the button below to print it out and start cleaning your house.  This cleaning house checklist has it broken down into what to clean daily and weekly to help you with your cleaning motivation.

How to motivated to clean when overwhelmed by the mess

When you are overwhelmed with the mess in your house or in a specific room it can seem like there's no way you can ever get going.  However, there are a few steps you can take to help.

About 6 years ago I was walking into the kitchen to make a cup of tea for myself.  I used the microwave to warm up my water.  I set the microwave to 1 minute 30 seconds and then decided to unload the dishwasher.

By the time my water was done warming up, I had completed unloading the dishwasher.

I was completely shocked because I had it in my head that it took at least 5 minutes or more to do that.

After realizing that, I started timing myself doing other chores and I was surprised by how much my mind would overestimate how big of a job a chore was when it really wasn't that bad.

By saying that let's get to a few things I do to help keep me motivated to clean a dirty house.


Clean when you have the most energy

This is something that might help the most.  If you're tired or don't have any energy then trying to clean is probably not going to happen.  Find the time of the day that you have the most energy and clean.

I have the most energy in the morning so that's when I do the bulk of the cleaning.  If you work outside the home and find this impossible try doing a speed clean each day and then don't worry about cleaning the house until the weekend.

Set a cleaning schedule

When you have a schedule you're able to stay focused which will help with motivation.  A cleaning schedule will give structure that sometimes we need in order to stay on task.  

I've created a few blog posts about cleaning schedules that should help you create your own cleaning schedule for yourself or even your family.

Have a stocked cleaning caddy

Having the least amount of distractions will really help you keep the motivation going and that's why I like to carry my cleaning caddy with me.  The cleaning caddy has all of my cleaning supplies, rags, and other items that I need to clean a room.

I like having it in one place that is easy to take with me throughout the house so I'm not having to stop what I'm doing to grab something that I need to use to clean.

Set a routine

I'm a girl that needs a routine.  Maybe that's part of the type A personality I have.  Without a routine, I feel lost and overwhelmed.  That's why I try to create a routine for my mornings, evenings, and even for cleaning.  I like to clean certain things on certain days. 

It's different than a cleaning schedule because this gives me the time of day that I'm cleaning and what I'm cleaning on certain days.

I don't like cleaning everything every day.  It takes too long and I don't have time to be cleaning all day every day.  So I break up the cleaning and spend a little bit of time each day deep cleaning the house.

Everything stays clean and it's easier for me to maintain this way.

Create a cleaning route

The next thing I like to do to keep me motivated is to follow a cleaning route.  This is the route I take in my home to get the cleaning done.  

I like to make a loop through the house so I'm not zigzagging through the house.  This keeps me on track without wasting time bouncing from one room to the next.  If you'd like to create your own cleaning route you can learn more here.

Start in one spot

Okay right, obviously.  But I try to start in the same spot each time.  This is a trigger for me.  It gets me in the cleaning groove.  

What I do is grab my cleaning caddy and head to my beginning cleaning spot and start cleaning.  I've been doing this for so long, it's like I've conditioned myself to know that "it's time to clean" and my mind goes along with it.

Remove distraction

This sometimes can be easier said than done.  However, there are a few things you can do right now to limit the distractions that you may face.  Having your phone going off with the newest Facebook reply or Instagram comment can be really distracting.

I like to have my phone on "do not disturb" while I'm cleaning.  There are a few other things that you can do that are quite simple.  I created an in-depth blog post on this very topic that you can read here.


Listen to music

I love to turn on music to help me clean.  Instead of having a quiet house or even having the TV on (which distracts me) turning on some music really help pass the time and remove the monotony of cleaning. 

When a really good song comes on I find myself dancing and singing a little as I'm cleaning (usually when I'm alone ;)).

There are a few great apps that I use, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music are a few of my favorite apps, and even popping in a CD is great to do too!

Practice make perfect

Know that practice makes perfect and it can take time for this process to work.  I know that I spend a lot of trial and error on my routines and schedules.  It took me a long time to know that I needed to clean in the morning because I just didn't have the time or energy to clean in the evening.

Use the free tools here to help you get through the cleaning.  I've got free cleaning challenges, cleaning checklist, cleaning routine workbooks, and more here that can help you get motivated to clean.

Reward yourself

Just because you're not 2 or potty training doesn't mean you don't deserve to reward yourself.  I used to tell myself if I was able to get the bathroom clean today that I would get dessert or a new pair of shoes (depending on the size of the mess or what would really motivate myself).  

You know yourself and sometimes we need an excuse to get that new bag or a new pair of sunglasses without too much mom guilt.  If you've been struggling to clean in forever, and you're able to get through it, I believe you deserve a treat.

In conclusion...

I know the hardest part of cleaning is actually getting up to do it.  By following the 10 tips I've shared with you I hope that once you are able to get the motivation to get up you're able to use some of these tips to help you with cleaning.

Keep in mind that sometimes we think the job is going to take longer than it actually does and that limiting distractions will help most when you're trying to get the cleaning done.

My hope is for you to know that this is common and many people want to know how to get motivated to clean and that this post has helped give you some motivation to clean your home.  Don't forget to download the home cleaning checklist to help you with the cleaning.

Taking baby steps will help you for sure and knowing that it does take time to get through the clutter and clean the house.

Thank you so much for stopping by.  Below are a few posts that I thought you might enjoy.

Have an amazing day.