How To Update And Organize Your Laundry Room

I recently did a laundry room makeover.  By completing one project at a time I was able to create an organized and functional laundry room.  In this post, I'm going to share with you everything that I did.

Our laundry room was dark and had cabinets that just didn't give us a lot of options.  I was able to gain storage, create a place where I can fold and hang laundry, plus I had space to iron clothes too.

 Take a small and out dated laundry room and transform it into a workable room.  In this post, Jenn shares how she added laundry room storage, created some laundry room wall decor, and added space to fold and hang laundry.  #laundryroom #smalllaundryroom #laundryroomorganization #laundryroomremodel #laundryroomupdate #laundryroomwalldecor #smalllaundryroomorganization #laundryroomideas

Our laundry room felt like an afterthought.  There was no space to put clothes.  Socks, washcloths, and other items constantly fell behind the washer and dryer.  If I noticed it, it was a complete pain in my neck to get the items.

When I started thinking about what I wanted there were a few musts:

  • A place to fold and iron
  • A place to use hangers
  • More storage

There was just that giant cabinet.  I could only reach the first level so there was never enough room to store what I needed.

Step 1 demo

I started by removing the old dark and ugly cabinet.  By doing that it brightened up the room.  

Laundry room before.jpg
Laundry room demo 2.jpg
Laundry room demo.jpg
empty wall.jpg
new dryer hose.jpg

When we moved in, the dryer was not vented to the outside.  My husband created the vent tube to filter outside.  The problem was anytime it was bumped it came loose.  I didn't want it exposed so I covered it with drywall.

Now it's protected from getting bumped.

dryer hose cover.jpg
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dryer hose cover 2.jpg

Once the tube was hidden it was time to scrape that awful popcorn off the ceiling.  I sprayed some water let it sit for a few moments and then started scraping.  I was surprised by how easily it came off! 

remove popcorn ceiling.jpg

Once the popcorn was scrapped off the ceiling it was time to think about storage.  

Step 2 start building the storage.

Before all I had was a big cabinet that I couldn't reach most of the shelves so I build a wall cabinet.  If you're wanting to make your own, you can see the full tutorial here.

laundry room wall cabinet.jpg

Once the cabinet was hung, I was ready for more storage.  We had about a foot gap between the wall and the washer so I built a rolling storage cart to fit there.  I wrote a post that walks you through the hold process you can check out here.

laundry cart with wheels 2.jpg

Now that storage was complete.  I wanted a flat surface to fold, sort, and iron clothes.  

Before I used the top of the washer and dryer and socks, towels, and other small items fell behind the washer and dryer so I built a table.  I used some leftover 1x6's from my daughter's old desk she didn't want anymore.

Since the boards were too small to fit I laid them in flooring or tile pattern attached them with pocket holes and added wall anchors for the table to lay on.

laundry room counter.jpg

I still didn't have enough storage so I decided to build a few floating shelves.  This is where I can store my baskets filled with items.

I used Shanty 2 Chic's design for floating shelves.  You can check that out here.

laundry room shelves.jpg

Now I needed a place for hangers.  Since I'm completely obsessed with farmhouse style I decided to use metal pipes to use as the place to hang clothes.  It was very inexpensive and very simple to install.  

I replaced the light with a fun light.  The light we had before was just an ugly glass dome light, now this light matches our dining room light.  I couldn't believe how much more light our room had by replacing the light.

new light.jpg

I finished off the room with a few laundry signs.  I wrote a few blog posts about them. 

First the laundry sign.  This was a project that I completed in a few hours (because of dry time) and it cost less than $10 to make.

Laundry room remodel.jpg

The wash dry repeat sign was another project that took just a few hours to complete (again, because of drying time).  This one actually cost me nothing.  I used some leftover wood, paint, and rope to build.

Laundry room remodel 2.jpg

Before I remodeled our laundry room, I didn't have a place to fold, iron, or sort clothes.  I couldn't use the top 2 shelves of the cupboards and our room looked dark.

Now with the update I have a lot of usable storage and a functional space for me to get the laundry done.

Laundry room update.jpg

I hope that this post has inspired you to update your laundry room.  If you want to learn how to build these projects you can click the head to the resource vault.  Inside the resource vault are all of the workbooks that include the shopping list, cut list, and step by step instruction.  You'll also find tons of checklist, cheat sheets, to do list, schedule makers, and so much more. 

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