How To Make Simple Farmhouse Laundry Room Signs

I wanted to create a Pinterest worthy laundry room and in order to do that, I needed some laundry room signs to display.  In this post, I'm going to show you how you can create laundry room wall decor that is so simple. With small supplies list, you’ll have laundry room signs handing in your laundry room in no time at all.

I'm going through and updating our 1970's home.  I'd like to say that I'm bringing it to this century and bringing it back to the farmhouse days.  I'm completely obsessed with farmhouse decor and want to bring all of that farmhouse style to my home one project at a time.

Just recently I updated our small bathroom and the next room I'm tackling is the laundry room.  I thought I'd start off with a very simple decor project and that's what I'm showing you today.  

You can download the free plans by clicking the button below.

farmhouse laundry room signs.jpg

When I updated our small bathroom I decided to tackle that entire job in a weekend.  Looking back I bit off more than I could chew.  I was able to complete it but I just wanted to collapse at the end of each day.

Now that I'm updating our laundry room I'm going to be taking it a little slower.  Just doing one project at a time.  Since I've been doing that I feel a lot better about my decision.

I started with this laundry sign because I really wanted some wall decor.  I knew this wasn't going to take a lot of time and I knew it was going to be very inexpensive.

Easy wood projects

This is a very simple project for anyone wanting to see if they like woodworking.

You don't need to buy big expensive power tools for this project.  The tools you'll need to complete this project are:

  • 1x6x6 cedar plank
  • A drill with a 1/2" drill bit
  • Rope
  • Stain
  • White craft paint
  • Letter stencils
  • Foam brush
  • Painters tape

This project cost me about $5.  Since I had the drill, drill bit, rope, stain, and paint it really kept the cost down.

Most of the supplies listed above are things you won't buy often or ever again.  Stain and craft paint last a long time.  I like to have rope on hand because I've been using it for different projects.  I buy 100 feet for about $3 at Lowes.  I've seen it rope at the Dollar Store and I know you can purchase it on Amazon too.

Cedar planks are about $1.50.  I love the texture so you can really get a distressed look out of your project by sanding the plank after the stain dries.

cedar plank.jpg

Making your laundry room sign

You'll start off by staining your cedar plank.  I used a stain poly combo but you don't have to for this project.  I used espresso.  This is a dark stain.

cedar plank stain.jpg

When the stain has been applied allow it to dry for at least 2 hours.  If you're using a stain poly combo this might take longer to dry.

Once the stain has dried you can sand the plank for a distressed look.  I did not do this I liked how dark it turned out.  I knew how white my laundry room was going to be so I thought the dark would work well.

laundry wall sign prep.jpg

I taped the letters on the plank so I could paint on the letters.


Once all of the letters were taped on I used a foam brush to paint on the letters.  I tried to not use much paint so the dark would come through a little bit.

laundry 2.jpg
laundry room wall sign.jpg
laundry wall sign 2.jpg

I allowed the paint to dry for about an hour, removed the stencils and drilled 2 holes at the top of the plank.  

I cut a piece of rope 12" long, threaded the rope through and tied knots at both ends so I could hang the sign from the ceiling.

This project was so simple.  If you are wanting to add some decor to your laundry room I think this is the perfect beginner project.  Don't forget to download the free plans.

laundry wall sign completed.jpg
rustic laundry wall decor.jpg

I would love to know in the comments below, are you wanting to decorate your laundry room?  

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