Minimalist Home Decor Hacks You Need To Try

Now is the ideal time of year for us all to start thinking about designing our home and rearranging the space. If you want to breathe some new life into your home this summer there are many different styles you can choose from. In this day and age, one of the biggest trends around is minimalism and contemporary design, and this can breathe new life into your home and make it feel brand new.

minimalist home decor.jpg

The idea behind minimalist style is to reduce clutter, get rid of any unnecessary items in the home and make it feel clean and bright. There is a huge focus on making sure that the home is light and that every item in the house holds a purpose. It is a type of decor which is incredibly popular because it is so simple and makes any space feel much larger than it is. Here are some of the ways you can decorate your home in a minimalist way this year.

1. Be careful with color

The whole idea of creating a minimalist and modern home is to be careful with the amount of color you add to the room. The best types of colors to use for a minimalist style are neutral colors, light colors, or pastels. These colors will all serve the purpose of making your home feel much brighter and larger than it is. Although it is monotonous at first, you can add color into the space with bold colored furniture or soft furnishings.

2. Empty spaces

Empty space is not something you need to immediately fill with a picture or a piece of furniture, it is something you should treasure and make a part of your room. You will notice if you look at contemporary design online that there are always blank spaces on the wall or empty shelves, and the reason for this is the illusion of space. If you can see the walls and you can see the space of the room, it will feel less cramped. It is a technique which can do wonders for dark or small homes.

3. Declutter

If you want to truly be a minimalist with your home design, you need to say a firm goodbye to clutter and instead welcome a sense of freshness into your space. We all have random items around the house which we have kept over the years, but if you want to make the most of the space you have you will want to have a clear out and get rid of any items you no longer want to keep. Take your time with this job and be as ruthless as you possibly can to create space and breathe fresh air into your home.

4. Decorate

Just because you are going for a minimal design doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to bring decorations and ornaments into the home. The whole idea behind minimalism is clearing the space to make room for items you genuinely love. If you can make the space for a plant or a piece of art which means something to you, you can make the most of it and place these items in prominent places around the house. The idea is to showcase the items you love and get rid of unnecessary clutter.

5. Clean lines

You will notice with a modern design that everything revolves around clean lines, geometric shapes, and simple design. A circular or square table can make a huge impact on a room and it doesn’t have to be anything too elaborate or complex. The whole point is to make something amazing out of simple items.

6. Textures

Due to the fact that you will need to be fairly reserved with your color scheme in the home, you can go wild with textures to add depth to your overall design, you might have a marble coffee table with wooden legs, a leather sofa with furry cushions on top and a few different types of plant in the room. Make the most of contrasting textures and you will notice how much you can do with the space you’ve got.


7. Let in the light

Light is one of the main principles of a minimalist design and it is something you will want to add throughout your entire home. You will want to bring cool white lights into the space with unique light fittings, plenty of mirrors, Under Cabinet Lights, LED spotlights and lots more. If you can bring as much light into the space as you can it will make the home look much more modern.

8. Simplicity is key

The beauty of a minimalist design is that you will gain a whole new perspective on your home and gain an appreciation for your items. A simple lamp, sofa or table will seem like a much bigger decision for your overall design and you will appreciate just how much of an impact these items can make to your home.

9. Limit patterns

Patterns can be a brilliant way to brighten up your home but you need to use them sparingly in a minimal home. There are plenty of great patterns you can bring in with cushions and other soft furnishings that can make a lovely addition to your home design. For example, palm leaf patterns and geometric patterns are both incredibly popular at the moment.

10. The cantaloupe rule

There is a design rule in modern homes which goes like this: any ornament or art you bring into the space should be no smaller than a cantaloupe. The reason for this is that bigger items make a bigger impact on your room and it will stop you having the extra space to clutter with lots of small items. It works to prevent the home looking too busy and makes sure that any items you do bring into the room have a big design impact.

11. Up on legs

You will notice a lot of the time that modern spaces feature many pieces of furniture that have legs. For example, in the bathroom, your bathtub will be pitched upon delicate legs, and in the living room, your sofa could have legs underneath. There is a very good reason for this type of design and it is all to do with space. If you look into a room where the furniture is all touching the ground it seems cluttered, but when you see the same space with legged furniture, you can see through to the wall and therefore there is more space. It is a principle which can make a huge difference to your room and can make it feel more modern.

12. Bring the outdoors, indoors

The last tip we can give for that ultra modern look in your home is to bring plants into the home. Plants offer a brilliant benefit of having a unique texture and being a soft color which suits almost any space it enters. By bringing leafy plants and grasses into your home you can add a sense of life and freshness into your home immediately. If you have a blank shelf up high you can also bring a small hanging plant and let it hang over the shelf and penetrate the room. Plants are a relaxing element to add to your home and will often make it feel much fresher and spacious too. If you aren’t green fingered, you can also look into large succulents and cacti for the home.