Moving House? Use This Packing Checklist

Moving house is one of the most stressful things for somebody to have to go through. Because of that, the process of moving is rarely something someone looks forward to, despite the intrigue and excitement regarding finally owning a place of your own. And that just seems wrong in our mind, as moving to stand on your own two feet, or finally living together with the person you love the most, should only ever be a time of positive thoughts and smiles on people’s faces! Of course you can have some good tears upon seeing the finished product that you’ve been saving up for years now, but hopefully, the waterworks will be able to stop there...


So it’s clear something needs to change with this process, and now’s the time to stop the stress in its tracks. You’ve already dumped lots of money into your new home, and because of that, you deserve to have plenty of corners to cut and tips and tricks to follow to make the rest of the process a lot easier on you! So here’s the checklist for you to closely follow to make sure you’re packing up properly, with a good structure to follow, and that you’re going to be christening your new house with the right kind of energy!

She looks far too happy to be carrying heavy boxes… Maybe she just got her packing checklist in order? 

Label Your Boxes First, and Stick to the Labels!

If you’re moving house, you’re going to need a system to take care of all your items and furniture, and the inability to deviate from this system. So it needs to be simple, and you need to have some discipline on your side. And the most simplest and best way to accomplish this? Label your boxes from the start, and go around the house with each labeled box one at a time to pack in the relevant things in your rooms. There’s no secret weapon here, just the ability to stick to the rules you’ve set yourself, and take it a box at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. And that can happen incredibly easily when you’ve got to take it item by item off of your bedside table, and then pick up another box to put all your extraneous clothes into, and then find another box to put all your loose cables in etc etc. And it won’t work to just throw them in together, as that’s going to leave you with a disaster on the other side!

Have You Got a Care Package in Your Car?

A care package doesn’t have to be full of snacks to keep your energy up whilst you’re studying away at uni, or for anyone in your family who’s been deployed overseas. No, it’s also a good way to make sure you’ve got everything you still need to use close at hand even whilst every other thing you own is being packed away in boxes and shoved in the back of a moving van.

So first thing’s first, before you do anything else in your move to your new home, make sure you’ve got your care package ready and portable to be with you wherever you might need it. And what to put inside? Well, anything you’re absolutely going to need day by day, or even hour by hour. Things like your toothbrush and your toothpaste, and then any medication you or your family are going to need to take normally. You’re also going to want a couple of changes of clothing close at hand; whilst you’re in the midst of the moving storm you don’t know where you’ll end up night after night, and then still have to look presentable in the morning!

And of course, make sure you do pack some water bottles and some snacks to accompany all of this. When you’re just sitting in your car, the back filled to the brim with boxes and a huge load on your wheels, and you can feel some nostalgic tears brimming in your eyes, it’ll be good to reach for a chocolate bar. There’s nothing like little comforts in a time when your entire life is in upheaval. Plus, everybody needs water to keep them going, so this is just a good habit to stick to!

Have You Got Important Files Readily Available?

Important files can include tenant deeds, tax records, mortgage agreements, and anything else up to date with your current living situation that you’re going to have to keep at close hand in case of queries or issues that arise with your new living space. Being able to whip the essential file straight out and head down to the bank or letting agent sort out a potential problem is going to be the easiest way forward, so don’t add on any extra stress for yourself.

At the same time, make sure everything else on paper that you've stored away for safekeeping is packed neatly in boxes, ready for you to furnish your new office in your new place. It’s a nice touch that’ll keep you feeling productive!

Have You Got Professionals to Help?

And of course, you’re going to need someone with the right vehicle, the right space, and all the necessary know-how to keep your stuff safe ferrying you back and forth. Of course, it’s hard to choose the best moving company out there, but you can make a good case for your local firm or anyone with a good review on the internet. Be sure to search around a little before you decide, as your friend’s white van might not be the best way forward for a successful move with as little stress as possible to go with it!

So if you’re about to move house, and you’re absolutely dreading the prospect, hopefully, these tips and tricks have helped to settle your mind about the process. If you’ve got any ideas of your own, feel free to share them!