13 Ideas To Organize and Decorate Your Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms can be impossible to keep clean when you have zero storage.  In this post, I'm going to share 13 ideas that will help you organize your small bathroom.  I recently remodeled our small bathroom and creating storage was the top thing on my list you can check that out here.

It's important to be creative when trying to come up with storage solutions for small bathrooms and that's why I love the internet so much.  I was able to find some great ideas that can work in most small bathrooms.

Organizing doesn't have to cost a lot.  There are ways to organize on a budget.  One of the easiest ways to do that is to do it yourself.  If you're new to DIY'ing or you're scared never fear the ideas I'm sharing are things anyone can do.

 In this post, you'll find 13 simple ways to organize and decorate your small bathroom. #smallbathroom #smallbathroomorganization #smallbathroomdecor #smallbathroomdecorideas #smallbathroomorganizingideas

Small bathrooms don't come with the luxury of counter space so utilizing the walls is necessary.  In this example from Stylish Cravings, Jasmine uses a towel rack, some hanging clips, and some baskets to create some extra storage in her bathroom.  

wall baskets.jpg

I'm completely obsessed with all things rustic and farmhouse.  I love the idea of using simple items to organize and decorate your home.  In The Country Chic Cottage post, Angie makers her own mason jar bathroom set.  

Most people have mason jars around their home so this could end up being a zero cost update for your bathroom.

mason jar bathroom set.jpg

I love how outside the box DIY Danielle was thinking in her post about building an over the door shelf.  Chances are, you are not using any of the space above your bathroom door.  Why not turn it into a functional space.


Updating your bathroom doesn't have to be a lot of work however it can be tricky.  Nicole with Birkley Lace Interiors shows you how simple it can be with the addition of just a few essentials.

easy bathroom update.jpg

Jenny with Penny Pincher Jenny shares 5 ways to update a bathroom that doesn't take much time or money.  

Adding some trim around the mirror and adding a few baskets and updating the towels can make a big difference.


Sometimes when you do have towel and blanket storage in your bathroom you find that it's hard to keep organized.  Katie with Organizing Moms has a great solution to organize your linen closet.

In her post, she really breaks the steps down so if you're feeling overwhelmed with everything in the closet you can make your way through it.


I absolutely love wall storage.  I think that it's the simplest way to add storage to a small room.  I while ago I build a farmhouse over the toilet ladder shelf that allowed us to gain some much needed storage to our small bathroom.

All I needed was a little wood, some screws, and some stain and I was able to build this shelf in just a few hours (and I did it all by myself!)

over the toilet shelf.png

Staying with the theme of over the toilet wall storage, Danielle with Do It Yourself Danielle built these super easy and functional shelves for the wall above the toilet.

I love how much storage she was able to gain by building just a few of these.  This is a perfect project for a beginner DIY'er


Maybe you just need to be able to quickly freshen up your bathroom before guests arrive.  Tatanisha and Derrick with A Worthey Read share some very simple ways to refresh your bathroom before you are expecting guests or throwing a party.

We sometimes get so caught up in how clean common areas are or even setting up for the party that we forget a few simple things to make sure the bathroom is ready.


It's time to look at those empty pickle jars a different way.  Carrie with Kenarry shows you how to upcycle those empty pickle and pasta jars to super functional DIY bathroom storage jars.

Jars to hold your cotton balls, Q-Tips, and band-aids can be quite expensive in stores.  Why not take a few minutes to create your own!


I believe all rooms need to have a little decor in them to help spruce up the room.  I updated a few old terracotta pots that were just collecting dust in my garden shed.

Having plants in your bathroom can help with air quality and can add a pop of color.


If you are ready to get your hands dirty and completely remodel your small bathroom I shared my complete small bathroom remodel.  I replaced the flooring, sink, window treatment, and all.  If was there, it's not now.

We took our out dated 1970's bathroom and brought it into the 21st centry.  I updated the lighting to make the room feel bigger, added some much needed storage, and added some decor to give it a rustic (but modern) farmhouse feel.

farmhouse bathroom wall decor.jpg

If you are looking for a little sprucing up, a complete overhaul, or maybe something in between I hope that this post has given you some great ideas to help give you some much-needed storage for your small bathroom.

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