Ep. 2 How to Bring More Handmade Goodness Into Your Life

This week we are joined by the AMAZING Jenny from TheDomesticWildflower.com and we are talking about how you can bring more handmade goodness into your life even if your life is busy.

 Learn how to bring more handmade goodness into your life even if you don't have any extra time.  Don't forget to download the FREE checklist!!

Doing things by hands sounds like it's going to take too much timeandit's going to be extremely overwhelming.  Today we are joined by the AMAZING Jenny from The Domestic Wildflower and she shows busy women how to bring more homemade goodness into their life.

It doesn't matter how busy you are, doing some things by hand will save you time and she is going to share her secrets with you in this videocast.  She's also put together an amazing freebie checklist for you that you can download below!

I really hope you enjoy this!!  



If you'd like to learn more about Jenny and what she does.  You can check out these links below!

Visit Jenny at TheDomesticWildflower.com

To learn more about steam canning you can click here!

Jenny Gomes blogs at  www.thedomesticwildflower.com where she shares handmade food & craft education. She's a mom of two small children, an English teacher, and she loves sewing, riding horses, and reading. 

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Thank you so much for stopping by and watching.  I hope this episode as inspired you to bring some handmade goodness into your life.  I would love to hear your thoughts!  What are you going to try to start doing?  Have you started a craft project lately?  Let's keep the discussion going in the comments below!

Have an amazing day!