10 Things You Can Do In 20 Minutes That Will Save Your Day

 If you are short on time then you need to check out this post.  Jenn shares 10 things you can do in 20-minutes that will save your day.  She also put a list of 20 things you can do in 20 minutes that you can download for free.  Click through to learn more!

All over the internet, I see promises to help you save time around the house or how you can lose weight in no time.  The problem with a lot of these posts is they really fall short on their promises or they just don't know what it's like in the real world.

Sure there is some AMAZING advice out there but again, will you have the time or the patience to actually accomplish what they say to do?

Inside this post, I'm sharing 10 things that you can do in 20 minutes that will save your day.  Each of the items or tasks that I included will take you 20 minute or less to complete. These 10 things are things that literally will save your day.  

I've also put together a pretty great bonus for you that you can grab at the end so stay tuned for that!  Or if you're like me and cannot wait for surprises you can download the bonus by clicking the button below.

Before I get into my list I want to explain why 20 minutes.  The thing about 20 minutes is I find that it's a doable amount of time to find in a day.  Most busy moms cannot find an hour out of their day or even 30 minutes sometimes.

20 minutes really is kind of an awkward amount of time.  If you are in between tasks, projects, or maybe before you have to pick a kid up you can't really start a project or even leave early.

So why not use your 20 minutes productively.

Which now brings me to my list of 10 things you can do in 20 minutes 

Organize unopened mail

Do you have a pile of unopened mail sitting around?  

This is a perfect time to sit down and sort the unopened mail.  If you have time you could even pay a bill or two.  Who knows!

If you are overwhelmed with the thought of going through the unopened mail and that's why it's sitting there let me give you a few tips!

Sort into 4 piles -- Bills, junk, "want to look at", and other.
The bills go to your bill pay station if you don't have one yet click here to read this post where I walk you through step-by-step how to put a bill pay station together.

The junk goes straight to the recycle bin or the shredder.  Don't open and go through the junk this will waste your valuable time.

The "want to look at" pile, this pile consists of magazines, cards, and other things you want to look at and read.

Other, this pile might consist of items that maybe your spouse need to take a look at or you just don't know what the heck it is.  If you don't know the put it aside.

Now that the pile of unopened mail is sorted you are probably feeling so much better.

sort mail.jpg

Clear off and clean the coffee table

The good ole' coffee table can be the dumping ground for everything.  Sippy cups, dirty fingerprints, toys, remotes, and magazines.  

When you have an extra 20 minutes (or really less in most cases) you can do a quick cleanup of the coffee table.  

I like to remove everything from the coffee table, grab my all-purpose cleaner with my microfiber cloth and give it a good disinfecting scrub then I'll wipe down the remotes, and anything else that might have been dirtied up.

Put everything that belongs on the coffee table back and put away everything that doesn't.  Your living room/family room will look cleaner and if it's during cold and flu season you've just helped disinfect your home.

Unload/reload the dishwasher and wipe down counters

Most of the time when we look at our kitchens we see a never-ending, time-consuming mess.  You know you spend all day trying to clean and then 5 minutes later boom a mess bomb went off in the room you just cleaned.

The key to having a clean home is maintenance.  And usually, messes don't take as long to clean up as we think it's going to.

One day I went into the kitchen.  The dishwasher was filled with clean dishes and the sink was again filled with dirty ones.  I thought it was going to take me forever to get through but no, I started my putting my teacup into the microwave for 90 seconds.

While my water was heating up I started unloading the dishwasher.

I was putting away the last item when the microwave finished warming my water up.

I added a teabag, allowed my tea to steep while I loaded the dishwasher.

The dishwasher was unloaded and reloaded in less than 5 minutes.

Now, take it one step further and wipe down the counters.  When you do this, the next time you walk into your kitchen you'll have a smile on your face because that's one less thing that you have to do.

Do 1 decluttering session

Now, if you aren't familiar with my declutter method I do recommend clicking here to learn my Declutter in 20 system.  In this post, I explain the system that I use and I also have The Declutter in 20 eBook for purchase here if you'd like to take it one step further.

But, if you find yourself with 20 minutes then why not find a small area and just go through it.

Again, click here to learn more about my 20-minute decluttering system.

Go through the fridge

This something that probably isn't done enough.  I like to do this once a week right before I head off to the grocery store.

There's nothing worse than thinking that you have an item just to see that it went bad and you didn't know because you just glanced in the fridge when you were creating your list.

So the next time you find yourself with 20 minutes, head over to the fridge and go through the food.  Toss all of the expired or moldy leftovers.

Your fridge will look clean, fresh, and you'll have a more efficient shopping trip.

Plan the weekly menu and shopping list

Now that your fridge is cleaned out why not create that weekly menu and shopping list.

If the thought of creating a menu plan is paralyzing, never fear you can click here to learn my meal planning system!  Inside that post, I walk you through the steps you can take to create a meal planning system you can do in no time.

Sort laundry and start a load

Laundry is a never-ending chore.  The best way to keep up on the laundry is doing a load as needed.  Some weeks I find myself doing 1-2 loads a day and others I'll do a load once every 3 days.

If you don't have the pre-sorting laundry bins then do a quick sort of the laundry and put a load in the washer.  It doesn't really take much time to do this.  And you'll be staying on top of the laundry.

If you do have one of those pre-sorting laundry bins then skip the first step and add a load of laundry to the washer.  Again allowing you to stay on top of the laundry.

Fold and put away 1 load of laundry

Really stay on top of the laundry by folding and putting 1 load of laundry away.  This might be one of the jobs that don't get done because it seems so overwhelming.

What I want you to do the next time there is 1 load of laundry to put away is set a timer and time yourself putting that load of laundry away.  

You'll be surprised by how little time it actually takes to complete.

Something that seems like it's going to take hours just takes minutes.  So if you have a few extra minutes try folding and putting 1 load of laundry away.

Clear the bathroom counter

I don't know about you but with daughters, this seems to be something that I need to do every day.  With hair products, hair brushes, combs, towels, blow dryers, and really the list can go on it seems that the bathroom is cluttered everytime I walk in there.

By clearing the counter and wiping it down it looks like my bathroom is clean and I can spend my time to do other things without the dread feeling every time I walk into that room.

Do 1 speed cleaning session

If you want the biggest impact with your 20 minutes maybe you need to do 1-speed cleaning session.  

If you'd like to learn more about the 20-minute speed cleaning session click here, I create a step by step post about that exact topic.

So that was a lot and maybe a little overwhelming.  You learned 10 things that you can do that only take 20 minutes, or less in many cases, that will save your day.  That is why I've put together a little free bonus for you.

The bonus I put together for you lists those 10 items plus I've added 10 more things that you can do.  So we are talking about 20 things that will take 20 minutes or less to do.  These 20 things will have a big impact on you and your home.

All you need to do is click the button below to download the free list.

20-minute checklist

Now I would love to know in the comments below what will you be trying the next time you find yourself with a little extra time?  Are there things in this post that I didn't include that should be?  Let me know in the comments below.

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I want to thank you so much for stopping by and spending your time with me!  Have an awesome day,