5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Luxurious

Of all the rooms to make luxurious, none should be given as much priority as your kitchen. Your living room should be comfortable. Your bedroom, no-one sees. But the kitchen? That’s a place where you’ll spend long evenings cooking and, if it’s open plan,  relaxing with friends. As such, it’s a room where you’ll feel the effects of the luxury over and over again. You’ll enjoy cooking more, too, which is worth its weight in gold! Below, we take a look at five ways you can give your kitchen space a sprinkle of luxury.


Change the Lighting

Lighting is important in all areas of the home, but it takes on a new level of importance in the kitchen. During the winter, you want it to reflect a cozy, relaxed atmosphere; in the spring and summer, the aim is to let in as much natural light as possible. If your current kitchen lighting set up is purely functional, look to see how you can change it. It might be a matter of adding spotlights rather than a single overhead light, or changing the entryway to your yard if it doesn’t currently let in much light.

Upgrade the Hardware

If it's been a while since you gave your kitchen a makeover, then now might be the time. To get a more luxurious feel in the room, the key is to look at using high-quality materials for your countertops. A professional installation of a quartz countertop, for example, will transform the look and feel of your entire kitchen. Also, take a look at your cabinets. Is their sparkle beginning to fade? If so, then have them replaced. As good as your kitchen may once have been, it’s time to make a change if the quality has taken a nosedive.


More Comfortable Breakfast Nook

Luxury isn’t just about how things look; it’s about how they feel. You should be comfortable at your kitchen’s breakfast nook, for example. If you’ve currently just got a pull-down counter and high stools, look at switching them out for a breakfast counter that will allow you to sink into deep relaxation over your morning coffee. There are few things more indulgent than spending an hour or two in a deep state of contentment as you have breakfast on a summer’s morning.

Hide the Clutter

Wherever you are, you need to have space to relax - and that means making sure the room is free of clutter. In the kitchen, it’s all too easy to struggle to make space. As such, you’ll be well-served by coming up with more storage space. It’ll allow you to keep all areas clear, so your mind is able to focus on the task at hand.

Add Artwork

Finally, no law says you can’t have works of art in the kitchen! Look at adding a focal point or other colorful additions to your cooking space. Luxury is all about going above and beyond what’s expected - and few people think to add works of art to their kitchen.