A Serene Sanctuary: Planning Your Dream Bathroom

If you’ve reached a point where you have so many bath products, fancy shower scrubs, and special toiletries, but, you never use them because your bathroom isn’t somewhere you love to spend time; it’s time to create a dreamy sanctuary in which to unwind.

New toiletries that you wouldn’t usually buy for yourself can be a real treat, and many enjoy a relaxing soak in their tub or a refreshing cleanse in their shower space. However, if you flinch every time you walk into your bathroom environment; it could be time to focus on its renovation and ensure that you’re able to enjoy spending time in there.


Old and tired bathrooms with broken tiles and dated sinks can leave you in a bad mood every morning, especially as you’ll have no other choice but to brush your teeth and wash your hair in there. Therefore, it’s time to open up your laptop, get your notebook and pen ready, and start planning what you’ll need to organize regarding how you want your fresh bathroom to look and function.

The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who want to embark on creating their ideal bathing space so that a long soak in their bath becomes a regular thing.


Functioning Correctly

Although this might be the bit where you lose a little interest; it’s crucial that you invest in the functionality of your bathroom above all else. The building and plumbing work cannot be a last minute decision just because you’ve put so much emphasis on the style and design.

Therefore, you’ll need to start by hiring a reputable bathroom remodel contractor and a plumbing specialist who won’t overcharge you for the work they carry out, and who can ensure that your bath water is running smoothly for the foreseeable future.

The plumbing and pipes in your bathroom space need to be secure and well maintained so that you don’t get any unwanted or surprise leaks in the new year. All of your new tiles, flooring, and bathroom furniture will need to be fitted well, and leaks or plumbing issues can lead to permanent damage; which will have wasted both your money and time. Therefore, it’s essential that you find companies you trust to do the job, and are reassured that you’ll receive quality service and results.

Looking Beautiful

Like any interior enthusiast, this is the part that you’re probably thinking about the most. If you’ve invested wisely in the building and plumbing side of things, you can focus on the style, layout, and design of the environment. You can be thrifty and creative with your choices, so don’t just run towards the nearest bathroom showroom and buy the whole suite from one place; this can be a costly mistake.

Take your time to source items, even if that means waiting a little longer for your dream bathroom to happen. Check out online auction sites, reclamation yards, and vintage warehouses for vintage bathtubs, second-hand sinks, and spare boxes of tiles. Mixing together reclaimed and new pieces will help to ensure that you end up with a bespoke and unique space to soak up the bubbles.