April Goals and May Accountability

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a fantastic weekend.  I am a week late posting this because of Cinco De Mayo and Mother's Day, I thought it was more important to help you plan for those occasions and I could put off my goals a week. So I thought April was a fantastic month.  At the beginning of the month I was sitting in my normal comfort zone and made a conscious effort to pull myself out a little bit.

Here's the run down of my April goals:

  1. Finish that huge book I started-Oh man so close ya like 100 pages to go...Oh well, hopefully it will be done in May LOL

  2. Continue to grow each of my social media platforms-Yes, this is slowly creeping up.  I think I will start focusing more on this in the months to come.

  3. Continue to grow my e-mail list-Wow, yes!  I doubled my list this month!!!  This was a win for me!!

  4. Start on my e-book-I started and can you believe I've had the worst time with my computer this month...My wonderful amazing husband is been working so hard trying to get my baby back up and running.

  5. Write media outlets and stop standing in your own way!-Okay so I completed my media kit and have not written anyone yet.  Why? Well this month's excuse is my computer...

  6. Take more breaks through out the day-This was a tough one but successful.  Before I would feel so guilty if I ate lunch away from my computer.  Now I make sure I take a small break each hour and I spend 1 full hour away from the office.  I really feel like I've become more productive.

  7. Finish getting the garden planted-Oh my goodness, FAIL!  We decided to completely redo our front and back yard so instead of planting veggies and flowers we pulled up all of our grass and are laying new sod.  So I'm putting this on my May goals because Mother's Day is coming up and I love getting the flowers planted Mother's Day weekend.

  8. Continue staying 1 month ahead of schedule and work towards 6 weeks-Yes!  Can you believe it.  My wonderful hubby has been letting me use his computer to get my blogging work done so, I've been able to keep up.

  9. Keep scheduling social media in the evening-Yes and I came up with a really awesome system and schedule so it has been making my life so much easier.  (More to come about that in a later post)

Now on to setting my May goals:

  1. Finally finish that book (because it is becoming laughable)
  2. Continue to grow each of my social media platforms-twitter 140; Pinterest 175; Instagram 275 Facebook 200
  3. Continue to grow my email list
  4. Email 2 business a week to start promoting myself
  5. Keep up with my blogging and social media schedule 
  6. Start my e-book
  7. Start the 12 week fitness challenge
  8. Get the garden planted
  9. Have a BBQ to celebrate the new yard

Okay so my May goals have been set.  Hopefully I will keep most of my goals.  If I don't finish that book...

What do you think?  Do you have your goals set?  I would love to hear all about them in the comments below!!  Thank you so much for your continued support.