How To Arrange A Beautiful Guest Room

Having guests stay at your home isn’t always a straightforward thing to happen. You have a thousand things to consider: where will they sleep, how long are they there for and how you can make a tiny box room look good are just three of the things to consider when you open your home to guests.

Creating the perfect guest bedroom isn’t going to necessarily break the bank. If you’ve got the second or even third bedroom in your home as a space for guests, you don’t even have to worry about the size of the room.


Guests are not permanent residents in your house. They’re often there just to stop overnight and then go on home again the next day. You can choose to spend as much or as little as you would like on your guest space; a single bed versus a double, a blow-up bed versus a foam filled bean bag.

It’s all your choice and you get the chance to decorate and lay it out the way that you would like. So, how can you create the perfect guest space?

  1. Bedding is absolutely essential, and it has to be great bedding, too. You know, the soft, white waffle kind of bedding that makes you want to sink into a thousand pillows that feel like clouds? Add a cozy throw, as well, just in case of the need of an extra blanket arises.
  2. If you know you’re going to have regular visitors, add a box of chocolates in the room. It’s a lovely touch and it shows that you’re thinking of them and making them feel welcome is important to you.
  3. Going the whole hog means springing for a robe. Guests who crash out often feel like a loose end in rumpled clothes the next day and a robe can help them feel a little fresher when they want to have a shower and get some breakfast.
  4. When you have a guest from your past coming to stay, try to find an old photo or memorable item – such as a yearbook – from your storage. Get it set out in the room so that they can see that you’ve thought about them.
  5. Guests are often those who feel awkward about finding something to drink in the middle of the night. If you have space, leave a bottle or two of water in a chiller such as this so that they can grab a sip in the night without disturbing anyone else.
  6.  Always have a lamp within reach of a sleep space. There’s nothing worse than having to get back out of bed to find the overhead lights and switch them out. A lamp in easy reach prevents this from being a problem.

Hosting guests at the last minute doesn’t mean you can’t provide a comfy space for them to sleep, it may just be a little hastily done compared to a planned stay. Still, a guest should always feel welcome, and as long as you are welcoming it’ll be a good time!