The Overwhelmed Busy Mom Last Minute Gift List

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Are you a procrastinator?  There are just a few short days left before Christmas is here and I'm going to be sharing a gift list for everyone on your list.  

With just about a week before Christmas now is the time to getting the shopping completed.  Instead of trying to find a time to get out of the house on your own or having to pack the kids in the car to get your shopping done, why not hop on Amazon and complete your shopping in an hour or less.

Below I'm sharing some of my picks for everyone on your list this Christmas.  These are gifts that you can put together in an afternoon so you can check gift shopping off your list!  Are you ready?

The dreaded white elephant gift:

I don't like wasting money and that's why I chose these.  As a busy mom, my tea is constantly cold.  I'm always warming up my "fresh cup of tea" in the microwave.  That's why this mug warmer is a perfect gift for all of those busy moms out there.

Party games are so much fun.  By giving a gift of a party game, you might find yourself being invited to the next party.  

Anyone with kids that have activities will love this gift!  It doesn't matter if you're watching a football game, volleyball match, or even a band concert the benches that parents sit on are very uncomfortable that is why this portable cushion is perfect for all parents!

The dad's on your list:

My husband and father are the hardest people to shop for.  It seems like when they need something they just get it.  That why I picked these three gifts.

Growing your own cocktails can be a fun and useful gift for dads that enjoy a cocktail every once in a while.

How often do you notice stripped out screws?  This damaged screw extractor is perfect for all households and reducing the stress of all of the dads out there.

Beards are all the rave right now.  Try setting them up with a wet shave kit.  This is something that they probably won't buy for themselves but will enjoy day after day.

The teens on your list:

My girls love games.  That's why my picks for teen gifts are games.  They are perfect for family night and sleepovers.  You can't go wrong with some good ol' fashioned game night.  

As a personal note, our family loves Exploding Kittens.  

The preteens on your list:

We find it important for kids to create and use their mind.  There is so much screen time having them learn and create will help balance the everyday game play and YouTube watching.  

I've picked three gifts that will be fun for boys or girls.

The kids on your list:

The kids at this age still love toys but they can be a little picky (at least mine are!)  So I picked a combo of games, puzzles, and toys to help any kid on your list.

The toddlers on your list:

I love shopping for toddlers, they are starting to know what they love and are still open to new things.  I picked three things my girls loved.

My youngest when she was a toddler wanted to grow up to be a monkey because she loved George so much.  

Both of my girls love creating puppets and they had their own cleaning stuff which made cleaning up fun for them.

The babies on your list:

You cannot go wrong with a soft as can be stuffed animal, nursery rhymes, and a toy that helps with hand-eye coordination, sounds, and lots of learning.  That's why I chose these three gifts for the babies on your list.

And finally the mom's on your list:

These choices are things on my list.  I love fresh herbs year round so having a herb growing kit is a perfect gift that I can have in my kitchen and enjoy day after day.

I don't know about you but I can have troubles sleeping.  When I lay down to go to sleep, all I can think about is what needs to be done.  That's why I thought this would be a perfect item for all of those busy moms that can't shut their mind off when they need to sleep!

I love YouiSocks.  They are non-slip socks (which have saved me more than I'd like to admit!).  You can wear them around the house, to yoga, to travel (TSA checkpoint) or if you're expecting a baby they're perfect for the hospital.

So that is it.  This is my list of last minute gifts and with Amazon Prime, you can have them on your doorstep in two days without having to leave your home.

I hope that you found this gift guide helpful so you can complete your holiday shopping without breaking the bank or taking too much time.

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Have an amazing holiday season and day!