Can Your DIY Skills Sell Furniture?

There’s been a huge revival for DIY skills. The old days when your grandparents could mend a car or repair a dress are trendy again, both for economic and environmental reasons. In fact, more and more homeowners are embracing the homemade feeling.

Admittedly, when people work long hours during the week, it’s fair to say that, while they may still appreciate DIY, it doesn’t have to mean their own DIY skills. They could appreciate yours, especially if you can help them to create a homely feeling with your homemade furniture ideas. In short, there is a market for DIY furniture, and here’s the way to approach it:


Upcycle with style

The preferred DIY projects are about creating something rustic and elegant with an upcycled material. It’s the perfect combination of style and environmental-friendly skills. You can both save the planet and your living room in one smart move! As a result, you’ll find that modern homeowners are easily tempted by reclaimed items, such as this rustic coffee table out of upcycled wood furniture.

If you’ve never transformed an object into another, you’ll be pleased to know that you don’t need much more than being able to measure, saw and nail things together to make it work. Admittedly, there is a lot of sanding and painting involved to create the right finish, but these are aesthetic additions. The building principles remain accessible to most DIY enthusiasts with the right tools.


The logistic side of DIY business

Admittedly, when you decide to sell your DIY creations, you need to start thinking like a business owner. For instance, you need to find a secured storage facility for your material and pieces. If you’re a bit tight for room at home, try the Fife Moving & Storage facilities.

You will also need to find an effective way to promote your activities. Needless to say, in 2018, the only way to promote your side hustle is to go online. Take a look at easy e-commerce templates from Wix, which can let you build a simple and performing website in a few clicks. All you need is to take pictures of your items!  


Need to boost your skills?

If you want to branch out and be able to offer a variety of DIY decor services, you might want to take a few classes to boost your knowledge. Furniture restoration craft, for instance, is a good one to start with. It gives you the skills to tackle exciting renovation projects – you know the kind; someone has found grandma’s lost cabinet in the attic and wants it back in use again but with a fairytale design for their daughter’s bedroom (yes, people do ask for that sort of things).

Best furniture trends?

Finally, you need to stay in touch with the current decor trends. For now, shabby chic is still popular. But you’ll never know what tomorrow will be made of. The secret here is to keep an eye on designers’ trends and to touch base with your clients after each project. Why do they like it? Why does it fit in their house? The more you find out, the better equipped you are to surf the popular decor waves!

In conclusion, the only question left to ask is: Are you ready to start a DIY side hustle?