Charity Begins At Home

Do you want to make a big difference in the world? If so, why not start raising some funds for charity? There are lots of charities based all around the world that try to improve people’s situations and to ensure those who are in dangerous or financially unstable situations to make better lives for themselves. Of course, charities don’t only focus on human causes - there are also ones that strive for a better environment and the protection of all kinds of wildlife. There are so many charities that I am sure you will be able to find one that works with a cause that is close to your heart!


One of the best things is that you don’t need to go to extreme lengths to raise some cash for your favorite charity. Sure, you could run a marathon or jump out of a plane if you wanted, but why do that when you can fundraise from your very own home? Here are some ways you can do just that.

Sell Engraved Bricks

People love anything that can be personalized, and I’m sure they will want one of the bricks from as they can be personalized with a message of their choice. You just need to let people know that you are selling these and then they can contact you with the message they want on their brick. If you sell plenty, you might want to see if you can use them to create a gorgeous wall or artistic display somewhere in the center of your town.


Hold A Cake Sale

If you love to bake tasty treats in your kitchen, you could make up a big batch of cakes and biscuits and sell them. You could invite all of your friends and family over and charge them a small fee for a cup of tea or coffee and a slice of cake. To try and make more money, you could set up a small cake stall in your front garden to attract passers-by.


Organize A Garage Sale

As well as a cake stall, you could try selling all of your junk in a garage sale. You will no doubt already know the saying “one man’s junk is another’s treasure” so you should find people who want what you consider to be just junk and clutter. You can set up your sale in your garage or out in your front garden.

Shave Your Head

Some people choose to shave their head for charity. Does this sound like something you’d be up for? If so, you don’t need to go to your local hairdressers, you can simply get a friend to do it in your kitchen! You will need some good quality hair clippers for this, so it’s worth checking out the reviews at

So, how do you think you will try to raise money for charity in your own home? These are just a few ideas you can use for inspiration - you may be able to think of some even better ones!