How To Set Up A Cleaning Routine For The Family {FREE Chore Chart Included!!}

Cleaning routines are hard to implement.  Setting up the routine, getting your family on board, and having everyone follow through are just a few of the obstacles that you face.  In this post, I'm going to share with you how we created a cleaning schedule for the family and how we created a chore chart for the kids to follow. 

By creating our family cleaning routine we were able to get everyone involved with the cleaning.  This was able to teach the kids how to clean certain thing and it made them think twice about making the mess in the first place.

 Have you tried everything that you can think of when it comes to creating a cleaning routine for your family?  Are you fed up with being the one that cleans about 97% of the messes around?  In this post, Jenn walks you through how she created a cleaning routine for her entire family.  She also includes a cleaning routine family pack with chore charts.

Have you tried everything that you can think of when it comes to creating a cleaning schedule for your family?  Are you fed up with being the one that cleans about 97% of the messes around?

If you are sick and tired of the nonexistent cleaning routine that your family has and if you are sick and tired of being the person that cleans up 97% of the messes then you, my friend, are not alone.  Many moms I talk to are in the same boat.

Setting up a house cleaning schedule

Setting up a house cleaning schedule is a lot of work and often times we think that it is easier to just do it ourselves instead of getting everyone involved.

I'm going to walk you through the entire process that I used to create a family cleaning schedule.  I've also put together a chore chart for you to print out and use in your own home to help make the cleaning routine a little easier for you.

If you are new here this is the third part of my 3 part homemaking series.  The first post was being a modern homemaker, the second post was how to create an epic homemaking schedule, and today I'm finishing up the series with something that I think we can all use some help on.

Getting help with the cleaning.

As I mentioned before, I've put together a chore chart for you.  You can download that by clicking the button below.

I'm sure it would be amazing if we could wave our magic wand and have a clean home.  Unfortunately, we don't have those so we need to come up with the next best thing, help from our family.

Before I get into how to put this routine together, I want to share a little bit about how I went from doing all of the...well everything around the house to putting together a family cleaning schedule.

I will be the first to admit it, sometimes it is just easier to do the cleaning yourself than ask for help or even get help.

We know where everything goes.

We can do it quicker and probably more efficiently.

But that's not the point.

It is our job to teach our kids how to do things around the house.  

Let me tell you that that wasn't always my way of thinking.  Most of the time I felt it was my job to clean up after everyone all day -- every day.

I would do the laundry, cooking, scheduling, mending, and any other thing that needed to be done.  It was getting to the point where my kids and husband were giving me a list of things that needed to be done during the day (while I had a break at work, of course).

There was never a moment that I wasn't doing something for my family.  

That was the point right?  I'm the mom and wife so that means I need to be cooking, cleaning, caring, raising, and more.


But I go to work every day.  I contribute financially.  It was like I was doing more than anyone else.

The problem was, I was actually doing a disservice to my kids.  I was showing my daughters that moms never get to be happy doing their own thing.  Their job is to do everything while the kids and husband get to sit around and enjoy.

I didn't realize this until my kids told me they never want to have kids because they don't want to work that hard.

It made me sad and proud at the same time.

It made me proud because they do see what I do for them, but it made me sad at the same time because I was showing them that, if or when they become mothers, they needed to be responsible for everything.

I was not happy, I was too busy to enjoy anything.  To be honest, I was resentful.  I wanted to have time to go have lunch or dinner with friends.  I wanted to have time to binge watch a show.

My kids were not learning how to clean up after themselves.  They were not learning how to be responsible for missing assignments.  

I was constantly bailing them out of whatever situation they got themselves into.

So they were learning that someone will always be there to bail them out.  

Something needed to change and I knew it wasn't going to be easy.  It's never easy to get your kids into a new routine or tell them that they are going to have to do things they don't want to do.  It was going to be a fight, a fight like getting the kids to eat a new vegetable (but probably worse).

Long story short it was time for a change.

After I had this major revelation it was time for my hubby and me to have a chat about what to do.  

We had a long discussion and he completely agreed with me!  So we came up with a plan.  Below I'm going to share the steps we took to create this cleaning routine!

Create a chore list so you can make a chore chart

Make a list of the chores that need to be done

The first thing we did was made a list of the chores that needed to be done.  Since I was the one doing 95% of them, I came up with that list.

Can you believe that this was the hardest part?  I couldn't remember what needed to be done.  It was such second nature to me that I just couldn't come up with more than 5 chores.  

Since I couldn't come up with the chores from memory I wrote down what I did over the course of a week.  Every time I did a chore I wrote it down.

After a week of doing this, I went to step two.

chore list.jpg

Weekly chores and daily chores

Since I had spent the past week jotting down all of the chores, this was a simple task.  I wrote a “w” next to the weekly chores and a “d” next to the daily chores.  

By separating the chores into daily and weekly we are able to set up a complete cleaning schedule without leaving things out and knowing when to do what jobs.

Decided on which chores are age appropriate

When we put this together, my youngest daughter was 6 and my oldest was 14.  There were obviously things that my 6-year-old couldn’t do so we needed to put that into consideration.

Another thing that we did was we broke the chores into smaller tasks to give age-appropriate jobs to the kids.  

For instance, instead of the chore being, unload the dishwasher, we broke that into dishes and silverware so my youngest could help with the silverware but not the other dishes because she was too short to put the rest away.

Create a reward chart

Since I knew that this was going to be tough, I created a reward schedule.  I looked at it like potty training.  We were training our kids how to help around the house.  I couldn’t expect them to just say, “Yay!!!  We get to do chores and help mom!!”  

No, I knew this was going to be a fight.  A fight like broccoli, potty training, and nap time.

We came up with a reward schedule.  So many points equaled a prize.  We had a separate reward schedule for the kids because they were going to be doing different jobs and they were into different things.

Pick a time that works for everyone

Since our family always had things going on, it was really tough to find a time that works for everyone.  

We came up with a daily schedule and weekly schedule.  The daily chores or cleaning time was done at different times because we just couldn’t find a time that worked for everyone.

But, the weekly cleaning session we were able to find a time that worked for everyone (Saturday morning my kids favorite time of the day :) ).  

We got up and spend an hour cleaning the house.

cleaning together.jpg

Switch up the jobs

Switching up jobs was tricky because of the age difference but we thought this was important so the kids would learn how to do more things and weren’t just responsible for 5 things each week.

I know more than anyone that there are certain jobs that just suck.  Sorry but it’s true. (I really tried to think of a different word but really that was the word that fit).

What we did was created 3 different cleaning schedules and switched them up every 2 weeks.  

Download the Family Cleaning Routine Pack

Since I know how hard it can be to create a cleaning routine for the family.  I know that it is easier to just do it yourself than have that fight, I wanted to help you.  I created a Family Cleaning Routine Pack.  

Inside this pack you’ll receive:

  • A checklist of everything I went over in this post

  • A Family Clean Routine Chore list worksheet

  • A Weekly & Daily Chores worksheet

  • A Family Clean Routine Chore List

  • A Chore Chart

This pack will help you set up a cleaning routine for you and your family.

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Setting up a cleaning routine for the family can be rough.  I know I compare it to potty training, nap time, and broccoli but it’s true.  

It is easier to do it yourself but what are you teaching your family?

It was a hard realization that what I thought was helping was actually hurting them.  I was teaching them that there was always going to be someone to pick up their socks, keep their room clean, and cook their food.

Sure I still do more of the things around the house but, I’m getting help and I’m teaching my kids what they need to do to keep their house clean when they are responsible for their own home.

One of the biggest struggles for me was to allow them to do some of the chores their way.  Items might be put in the wrong place and the mirror might be streaky, but they are helping and they are learning.

So I want to thank you for stopping by today.  This post I hope inspires you to create a family cleaning routine so your family can help you and you can help your family.

I know that your family does see what you do and with a little bit of creativity, you too can put together a cleaning routine that the whole family can participate in.

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I would love to know in the comments below, have you tried to put a cleaning schedule or routine together for your family?  

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Have an amazing day.