5 Ways To Benefit From Having A Command Center

 If you are ready to organize your entire family then you need to read this post.  You'll learn the 5 benefits you'll get out of creating a family command center in your home.  It is easier than you think.  Click through to learn more.

Today Lacey with One Day of Honey has taken over here and is sharing her tips with you about creating a command center in your home.  She is sharing 5 benefits with you about how having a command center is going to help you become more organized.  Enjoy!


Do you just ever feel overwhelmed by all of the responsibilities that come with being an adult?!  If you’re anything like me then you prefer to have a visual for keeping your life aligned, and the decision of establishing a family command center is a no-brainer!  I can say with absolute certainty that you (Yes, you.) have an area in your home that could serve as a great area for creating a family command center.  Why is this so easy to conclude?  Because organizing small spaces is one of the most researched topics that I’ve encountered on Google and Pinterest!

One of the most popular topics of discussion amongst parents/spouses/adults is exchanging or researching, home organization ideas that will solve your clutter problems.  Again, if you’re anything like me, one major area that is almost always cluttered is my own mind.  It’s full of important dates and deadlines, reminders, ideas, etc., and I try my best to keep it all arranged, but usually, I fail.  My mind-mess usually ends up scribbled on random pieces of paper, in my phone, in a text, basically anywhere that I will forget it, and then kick myself later about it.

Trying to keep mine and my family’s life organized hit an erratic stride at one point, and we had no sense of direction.  Between the endless appointments, bill due dates, chasing around a toddler, working a full-time job, and a plethora of ‘other’ things that come with being an adult, it is definitely possible to lose track.  


Wait . . .  What Just Happened?

Even before I became a parent, my organizational skills were quite lackluster.  I hit my low point when I was newly postpartum with my son and fell into an abyss of depression.  As a result of allowing piles of mail to meander around our home, missing or canceling appointments, and just being completely bewildered as a parent to a newborn, my husband and I returned home one day to find that our electricity had been turned off.

It’s not that we didn’t have the money because we did, but we had no plan.  We had no method for managing the chaos that had become our life.  Something had to give, and we needed to fix the situation.   Thus the Dudley command center idea began to take light.  

Through several rounds of trial and error, my husband and I were able to pinpoint the top areas in our home life that needed the most structure, and compile it all into one central area; our family command center.

The Benefits of Having a Family Command Center

Here I have outlined some pretty major advantages to creating your very own command center, and how you can!

1.  There Are No Rules

There is no right or wrong way to institute a command center in your home.  What benefits your family may not necessarily work for others, but that’s not what matters.  What matters is that you’re organizing you and your family, so despite what command center inspiration you encounter on Pinterest, if your family would benefit best from utilizing an integrated menu board, a separate list of birthdays, or being completely color-coded then that’s what you do!  

Take the time to discover what fits best within your family before assembling a family command center.  If something isn’t working, then change it up!  What does our command center consist of?  Our command center’s wall has:

  • Wall pockets
  • A clock
  • A cork board with thumbtacks
  • A chalkboard family name plate as décor
  • A calendar

2.  It’s A One-Stop Shop

You’re just getting home after a long day of work, and you check your mailbox.  In your mailbox you find, some weekly shopper ad’s, a few new bills, an invitation to a baby shower, and a neighbor had placed a flyer for an upcoming neighborhood garage sale in there as well.  Whew, that’s A LOT of stuff.

With your command center, you can sort through this mail pile in no time at all . . .

Open your bills, write your due dates on the calendar, and then add your new bills to your “Bills,” wall pocket.

Quickly look through your ad’s, throw them away, or place them in a wall pocket labeled for “Later,” “To-Do,” etc.

Write the date of the baby shower onto your calendar and then pin the invitation to your cork board for later.

Also, post your neighborhood flyer to your cork board for later!



3.  It Keeps Your Family Connected

Your friend has asked you to attend an event with her at the end of the month, but you have that nagging feeling that you may already have plans for that day.  Your husband and your kid haven't answered their phones, so what is a person to do?  Check your command center, of course!

Check your calendar to see if anything’s written, but also check your cork board to see if anything new has been pinned to it.  Your whole family can be in on your family command center.  Slips for field trips, business cards for local businesses, restaurant menus; your family should all be on the same page as far as organizing the command center, as well as be well acquainted with it so that everyone is in the know.

4.  It Can Be Styled With Your Existing Décor

Who says that a command center has to be boring, and can’t be prettied-up?  Well, it certainly wasn’t me because we did the exact opposite!  

Our home’s style is mainly farmhouse and rustic with a lot of wood and white incorporated.  Also, we use a very pale mint green as an added accent color throughout, so of course it needed to be added to our family command center too!

We added wooden plaques to our wall pockets, and mint green stenciled vinyl to label them!  We turned our actual wall into an accent wall in itself!  It has become its own styled space that receives a lot of comments.

5.  The Possibilities Are Endless

A family command center doesn’t have any boundaries as far as only allowed to be connected to a single wall.  You can add different elements to your center to make it even more functional.

We added a one-door accent chest to ours, even though a desk is a popular choice as well!  We’ve stocked our chest with standard stationary supplies, mailing supplies, chargers, dog leashes, magazines, etc.  Each of these items has its own home within our family command center, and the clutter never builds up anymore.

You can easily incorporate a trash bin or shredder to your family command center for getting rid of junk mail quickly, or to discard of old cork board announcements.  

Though the possibilities are endless, it’s important not to bombard your command center with too much stuff.  The elements that you add need to flow well together and have a purpose!


So What Now?

Now is your opportunity!  If your other home organization ideas have fallen through in the past, and your mind is in a constant state of clutter then you owe it to yourself to get your situation straightened out.  So why not give a command center a try?

If you need help getting started, my husband and I have taken out the guess work for you, and have assembled the ULTIMATE command center bundle!  It’s only $15!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to Create a Clapboard Siding Accent Wall
  • How to Make a Farmhouse Decorative Piece with Chalk
  • How to Make a Tip-out Door from a One-Door Accent Chest
  • How to Assemble and Organize a Command Center

What’s In The Bundle:

  • 4 – How-To Videos
  • Supply Checklist
  • Clapboard Siding Accent Wall Blueprint
  • August 2017 - December 2018 Calendar
  • Command Center Planning Workbook

So what do ya say?  Ready to get your life on the path of organizational bliss?


Lacey is the founder of the blog, One Day of Honey, that she runs with her husband, Colin.  One Day of Honey teaches:

  • How to save your money instead of throwing it away by learning how to tackle home improvement projects yourself.

  • How to decorate your home confidently and inexpensively.

  • How to organize those cluttered spaces with ease and positivity.

When Lacey isn't hard at work on a home improvement project with her husband, she is working as a Registered Dietitian, playing with her 2 year old son, or cuddled up on the couch with a good book!