Create A Child-Friendly Home In 5 Simple Steps

Are you one of the many parents who has found it incredibly difficult to combine stylish interior decors with function? You will find that once you start a family, creating a practical decor is especially important as it will make your home a lot more child-friendly. It’s true that it can be a big challenge, but there’s no reason why it should be completely impossible. To help you achieve it, here are the five steps that can help you on your journey to a stylish home that is also child-friendly.


Add Some Entertainment

No matter how stylish you want your rooms to be, it’s still important to add some entertainment features that will keep your kids occupied. Whether it’s just the addition of a filled toy box for toddlers and young children or a better TV service and entertainment system for older kids and teenagers, this will all come in very useful. Once the kids can entertain themselves, you won’t need to keep a beady eye on them all the time!

Fix Your Sofa Cushions

Young children love jumping on sofas and messing around with the cushions. You might have even found that all the cushions can quickly end up scattered on the floor every time you turn your back! There is one way to prevent this kind of a mess - you just need to fix the cushions to the sofa. Then you can ensure your sofa and cushions stay in one piece!


No Sharp Corners

Ideally, you should try and bring in furniture that is round and has no sharp corners. Any edges and corners could prove to be very dangerous to children, and they could really hurt themselves if they walk into them. So, to minimize any tears, swap any sharp corners for rounded ones.

Go For Easy-To-Clean Flooring

Carpeted flooring isn’t the best choice when you have young children in the home. Children can often cause spillages, and most drinks and food that end up on carpets can very quickly stain. Not only that, though, but if your child walks on any spilled food and it gets trodden into the carpet, it could be impossible to remove. So, it’s worth removing any carpeted flooring and replacing it with something that is easy to wipe clean, such as lino or tiles.

Add Creative Storage

Once you start a family and bring children into your home, you will quickly notice that you start to acquire a lot of stuff indeed! Your cupboards will be filled with kid’s clothes and every other spare storage unit will quickly be filled with toys. If you start to run out of storage space, it’s worth thinking of some creative solutions. For instance, you might want to invest in sofas or beds that have drawers built into the bottom of them. That way, you can beat all the clutter without filling your home with too many storage units.

As you can see, it isn’t too difficult to create a stylish home that is also child-friendly.