Al Fresco DIY: Creating An Outdoor Eating Space You're Sure To Use

There’s something wonderful about eating al fresco, isn’t there? For most of us, meals are that time of day when we can really kick back and relax. Add to that the opportunity to listen to birdsong and breath in flowers, and you’re onto a no-brainer.

The good news is, you have many options for creating an outside eating area in your garden. Companies like the one found at can create patio areas and even decked eating spaces. Or, you could get brave and turn your DIY mind to an outside eating area. You can achieve all sorts with reclaimed wood and repurposed paving slabs.

Perhaps the only question you need to ask, then, is how you can create a space you actually use. Countless families put time and money into this and then never use these areas anyway. This is often due to a few common factors. With that in mind, let us consider some of the ways you could create an al fresco space you’re sure to eat in.

Consider proximity to the kitchen

Once their patio is in place, many families find it’s simply too far from the kitchen. In some cases, this leaves them feeling it’s just easier to eat indoors most days. Who fancies carrying a plate of food across the garden when there’s a perfectly good table right by their side? Placing this space too far from your kitchen also means food will get cold before you’re able to tuck in. Again, that’ll result in the space going unused. The answer? Consider your kitchen during the designing stages. If you can, place your eating area as close to your back door as possible.


Better bug proof

Bugs are another leading reason for failure here. No one likes being bombarded by wasps and mozzies when they’re trying to enjoy a meal. In fact, this can turn a peaceful outdoor eating experience into a nightmare. Hence, you should also consider bug proofing when you lay those patio foundations. If this is a real problem where you live, it’s worth placing netting around your eating area or building down rather than up, so you have some protection. You could also turn to companies like the one found at, who can treat your garden and rid you of the risk of mosquitos. All the better for avoiding unwanted dinner guests.

Prepare for any weather

In some cases, families don’t use their outdoor eating areas due to weather issues. This may not be an issue right now, but outside eating often fast goes out the window once the weather turns. In fact, one rainy day could see you shutting up outdoor shop until next year. At least, it will unless you take care of weatherproofing. Your best bet here would be to install a decking cover which ensures you can stay dry when it’s pouring. You may also want to build a firepit to keep yourselves warm on brisk nights. Who said outdoor eating couldn’t be an all-year-round affair?