Curb Appeal: Exterior Renovations That Increase Your Home's Value

When selling your home, you need to remember two things:

  1. First impressions are everything
  2. Not everything you do will add value

So, while addressing the curb appeal of your home is vital for attracting a home buyer’s interest, you need to take care in what you do. Rather than spending a ton of money on things that won’t add value at all (swimming pool, too many personal touches), it’s worth knowing what improvements will make your home sell, rather than those things that may deter the home buyer. Chances are, as a prospective home buyer yourself, you will already have an idea on what works and what doesn’t. Still, if you are in any way unsure, we dug around on the internet a little and came up with the following ideas for adding home value. Remembering your budget, you may not want to do everything on this short list, but there are some tips here that won’t break your bank.


Replace your doors and windows

If you don’t have the budget to complete this renovation, you should at least repair any damages, as well as giving each door and window frame a fresh lick of paint to make the front of your house stand out to the buyer as they walk up your drive. However, if you can afford to replace them then do so. Not only will this add to the aesthetic, but a quality door and window can also improve your home’s energy-efficiency, as well as adding to your home’s security.

For your doors, go for something that fits your home’s style, and choose something heavy duty with decent locks to sway those buyers who consider security a priority. Do the same with your windows, shopping around online for a trusted brand to get the job done. We liked Renewal by Andersen replacement windows, partly due to the company’s long-standing heritage in the business, but go for any brand that you trust. Remember: quality is key for both your doors and windows and the wrong company could scupper your attempts at curb appeal if the job they do isn’t up to scratch!


Give your home a paint job

A simple way to offer curb appeal is to give the outdoor of your home a burst of color.  A fresh coat of paint can be appealing to the buyer, as the house will look inviting and cared for. However, be careful with your paint choices. If you do the entirety of your home, you are going to rack up the expenses, depending on how many square inches you need to cover. Should you opt for a range of colors, whether that’s a design choice, or because you run out of one color as you traverse the exterior, you are actually going to reduce your home’s value, according to expert opinion. Not only will that run you at a financial loss, but you will have also wasted valuable time and effort. So, go for neutral colors that complement each other, and if you do go for something bright, opt for something that won’t overpower the buyer. Your best bet is to use a colour palette or visit your local home improvement store for some expert advice.


Make smart improvements

One way to appeal to the younger crowd is to add smart features to your home. And by smart, we are of course talking about technology, with automated products that are upgraded for wireless connectivity around the home. While the majority of these will be on the inside, with smart updates to lighting and heating, there are still additions which will be noticeable from the outside. Primarily, these will focus on your home’s security, with smart locks and security cameras operable through a simple button press of an internet-controlled device, such as a smartphone. Most home buyers will appreciate these touches for practicality and safety, while others will be glad of a home that has been upgraded with technology that is now considered future-proof.

Keep up with general maintenance

If your home looks shabby and run-down, you won’t impress the home buyer. While a new paint job and upgraded fixtures will go some way to sway the buyer, don’t forget the value of some simple repairs. The home buyer is savvy, and they will be on the lookout for any damages that your property may have incurred. Get on top of those things that affect the way your house looks, such as cracked asphalt, sagging guttering, and broken or missing tiles. Experts say poor maintenance can decrease your home’s value by around 10%, so do what you can to fix things up, or call on the experts if your DIY skills are poor.

Selling a house is tough, but by adding some or all of these renovations, you stand a better chance at making a sale. And if your home is still slow to sell? Well, at least you have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of all your hard work. Thanks for reading