How To Create The Day Of Your Dreams Right Now

 Learn how to quickly and easily live the day of your dreams.  This so simple to implement that you will be able to start today.  This post also includes a checklist so you can create the day of your dreams everyday.  Take action now, click through and find out how you can have the day of your dreams right now.

Have you pictured your perfect day or your dream day?  You know what I'm talking about, just having one of those days that just runs so smoothly.  You get an amazing amount of work done.  It is one of those days that seems like everything just falls into place just perfectly.

What if I told you I can not only show you how to create the day of your dreams, but you can have almost every day be the same?  You'd probably think that I'm totally full of it, right.  

Well, I'm not going to guarantee every day be the day of your dreams.  I can tell you that by following this simple system most of your days are going to be amazing.

Now that I have your attention.

In this post, I'm going to walk you through the step by step process of setting up your dream day.  You will not be selling your soul or signing away your first born.  You'll just be creating a smarter way of doing things.

Let's start off by talking about how your day plays out now.  Most people are struggling with 1 major thing.


Yep.  We have fantastic intentions but then 1, 2, 15, things pop up during the day and before you know it, it's lunch and you haven't even started 2 of the 75 things you wanted to get done.

How to combat distractions?

It's hard to keep people from coming up to you and distracting you.  But there are a few things you can do.

Work in a cubicle? 

Put a "Do Not Disturb" sign up.  Seriously do it!  Grab a piece of blank paper and a sharpie and just write, DO NOT DISTURB on the paper.  Tape it up.  Guess what, people will leave you alone! I've done it.  Seriously, it works.  

Have an office?

Close the door.  If that doesn't work, do the same thing as above.  Your sign doesn't have to be pretty.  Just effective.  

Let's talk social media.

I know, finding out what people are doing and say is so much fun.  But seriously, it's killing your productivity.

Schedule social media time!  How much time do you need?  Well, since I run a blog I need a little more than some.  I schedule 30 minutes a day for social media.  This is my time to respond, comment and share.

Here's a tip.  Turn off those notification!  It's simple in your phone settings, there is a setting to turn off notifications.  I'm telling you this will save you loads of time and up your productivity.


How often are you checking email?  I use to have my phone and computer notify me to when I got a new message.  I felt like I need to respond to my readers immediately.  

I was constantly being pulled away from my work.  By this I was unable to give my 110% to everything that I was doing.  That wasn't fair to you or me.  So now, I have scheduled email sessions 3 times per day.

A little secret, I'm still able to maintain a zero inbox with this system!  If you want to know how to be apart of Inbox Zero I wrote an in depth post all about it.

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Is multitasking really a distraction?  

Ummm YEP!  It sure is.

Here's why.

It's quite simple really, it takes anywhere from 15-25 minutes for your brain to really get in and focus on the task at hand.  So when you are bouncing from one task to another you are not giving your full attention to anything.  You are just giving a little here and a little there.

It is more efficient to give 100% of your attention to 1 thing at a time.

  • less mistakes
  • it will take less time
  • better results

If you want to know more about multi tasking I wrote a post all about that!

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Your phone!

Yep, that oh so amazing tool.  Ya know that one tool that you take everywhere with you.  The one you think, how did the world survive without it.  Yes, that is exactly how I think of my phone.

However, I do take breaks from it every single day.

Actually, one of my best girl friends in the whole world gets annoyed sometimes because I actually forget to turn it back on.  

Let me tell you, I was actually proud of myself one weekend because I forgot to turn on my phone the entire weekend.  I actually unplugged for the entire weekend.

Anyone who really knows me knows that never happens!

So try it.  If you can't handle turning it off, silence it.  

You can do it, I have faith in you!

Alright, so you probably get it.  Removing distractions will be a big part of creating that dream day.  Now, lets add some structure to your day!

Create a morning routine!

Yep, you think you can handle that?  

Haha, no I'm not just going to leave you hangin' like that!

Okay first, I wrote a post about how to set up your morning routine.

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I want to take this a little further.  I'm going to add a little to this morning routine.  

First off, my morning routine is based on the book The Miracle Morning, if you haven't read it, you totally should.  It is pretty life changing.  The link above walks you through it.  You can also sign up to do the morning routine along side me for 21 days!

Okay, back to the point I was making.

Taking my morning routine a little further.  Once I finish my routine I complete 2 items on my to do list for the day.  This is before I shower, eat, or start getting the family ready for the day.  I pick 2 items and complete them.

Boom!  Off to a fantastic start!

Now that brings me to my next tip

I need to create my own dream day!  Download the Time-Saving Busy Mom Workbook!

Start a to do list!

Most people have a to do list.  But is it working for you?  You need to create a to do list with due dates, structure, and priorities.

I don't know if you have noticed a theme to this post yet?  

I want to introduce you to a fabulous tool that I've been using and cannot believe I hadn't started using it sooner.  It's called Todoist.  It is an app/program to do list.  

Number 1 reason why I love this to do list.  I can automate almost every part of my list!  Todoist integrates with many different apps that you're probably already using.

I wrote a post about my introduction to Todoist that you can read about.

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You can check them out (for FREE!) Todoist

Speaking of a to do list do you schedule planning time?

Schedule planning time!

I have 2 scheduled planning times and a planning day.  Every Sunday is my planning day.  I schedule all of my social media for the week.  I schedule my entire week.  If it needs to be scheduled, I do it on Sunday.  

Then every single evening (during my evening routine, which I will talk about soon!) I have planning time.  This is the time that I go over my to do list and things that may need to be added or I will reschedule tasks once in a while.  

Once I finish my morning routine, is when I have my other planning time.  This really is the time that I go over my to do list and schedule and mentally prepare myself for the day.

You may not consider this planning, but in my book, it is.

Planning time brings me to my last tip on creating the day of your dreams.  That's about creating an evening schedule.

Create an evening schedule.

I have to say that there something to be said about starting your day and finishing your day on a great note.  Creating routines will do just that.

Each evening I block out 2 1/2 hours to my routine.  This time allows me to get the last minute things that need to get done, done.  It allows me to unwind and unplug.

Do you have troubles sleeping?  How about falling asleep?

If the last thing you do before bed is hanging out on your computer then that may be the problem.  I wrote a post laying out my evening routine to the T.  I show you how I was able to come up with a routine that worked for me.  The bonus part, I was able to save 2 hours a day by having one!

Yep, and you can take a look at that below!

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So there was a ton of information thrown at you!  I get it.  So I've put together a workbook to help you create the day of your dreams right now.  Click the button below and grab your copy now.

Are you doing any of these things now?  I would love to hear how you create your own dream day in the comments below!