Design Secrets For A Personal Home

When you first come to decorate your home, you may feel the temptation to throw as many different ideas and colors in there as you possibly can to make it your own. When you move into a new house you immediately notice the mark other people have made on the place.

It can take a while for you to be able to bring your own personality into your Home but when you do, it can feel amazing. Here are some of the easy design tricks you can bring into the home to add your own character to the place.


Natural light

Before you start decorating, do you have enough light in your home? Light can make a big impact on the way your Home looks and feels, and if you don’t have enough light in the house it can limit the colors you are able to use in your home. Think about updating the windows with Siding Installation Companies and even making them larger to bring more light into the house. It will make the perfect blank canvas which you can start to decorate.


The atmosphere of a home is what really makes it a home. You will want to bring some amazing features into the house which will add that feeling of home sweet home to the space. Think about how you can add some home comforts to each room such as blankets in the living room, herbs in the kitchen, cushions in the bedroom and candles in the bathroom. Each room has a different personality and purpose so you can think of ways to accentuate these in your home.


Play to the seasons

The seasons can come to play a big part in your interior design and you can play to the seasons very well if you want to. Start with a neutral color on every wall and this will make a big impact on your ability or change designs throughout the year.

You can bring in pastel cushions and colors in spring, bright colors in summer, reds, and oranges in autumn and festive fun in winter. You can even have a large piece of art on the wall which has four different images which you can rotate for the seasons. It can be fun and it will show your personality.

Photographs and art

The best way to add your personality into the home is to bring in some photographs of your loved ones. Photographs speak a thousand words and it can be amazing to have photographs of the people you love in and around the house. Think about maybe adding a collage to a large wall space which has images from some of your favorite events.

It will always be a talking point and it is always amazing to have this in your home. You can even think about letting your children paint some pictures and hanging them around the house to act as a talking point and to also show your children how proud you are of them.