A Place For Preening: Create a Dream Dressing Area at Home

As a woman, it’s nice to have a place to sit to pamper and preen yourself. From getting dressed to applying makeup, skincare products, hair care products and generally getting ready for the day or ready for bed.

When you have a designated place to sit, you’re far more likely to use your products and look after yourself compared with if you’re using a hallway mirror or are just sat perched at the end of your bed with a hand mirror. A place to sit feels luxurious and taking care of your skin, hair or putting on makeup can be great for self-care. If you’re currently lacking a space like this in your home, here are a few ideas.


A dressing room

If you have a spare bedroom at home that’s not being used to its full potential, why not turn it into a dressing room? You could either have a furniture company come in and fit you wardrobes along the walls or use a system like Ikea’s Pax to create your own version.

These could be used to store your clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, scarves and other accessories so everything is beautifully organized and exactly how you want it. In the middle, you could have your dressing table so you have a place to sit. Add a full-length mirror to the room and plenty of good lighting, make the most of the natural light you have coming in too by choosing the right blinds or curtains.

A dressing table

If you’re not lucky enough to have a bedroom that you can dedicate to getting ready, how about just adding a dressing table to your bedroom or office? Invest in a nice one with a big mirror and plenty of storage so you always have a place to sit to pamper yourself.

Ideally, you will place your dressing table next to a window to make the most of the natural light, but anywhere you can create a little nook like this for yourself is better than nothing. You can get small dressing tables and even ones that are like a shelf mounted to a wall, so even if you only have a tiny room you might still be able to make it work.


A bathroom vanity

If you don’t have space in your bedroom for a dressing table, another great option is a nice bathroom vanity, ones like in this link are attractive and modern and give you plenty of space for those all-important hair, skin and beauty products, your makeup, hair tools and more.

As you’re right by the sink it’s really handy when it comes to getting ready, and the light in most bathrooms tends to be good too. Just be sure to put your products neatly away in the drawers afterward, makeup and powders left on the side in a room that gets condensation isn't the best of ideas!

If you’re in need of a place to sit and get ready, why not make one of these upgrades? It will make life much more convenient in the morning and evening, and it makes it easier to keep on top of your beauty regime too.