How To Run Your Errands At Once To Save Time

Let's face it, errands are not fun.  They take time out of your week but unfortunately, running errands is something that needs to be done.  Taking short trips to the post office, dry cleaner, or even grocery shopping take time out of your day.  In this post, I'm going to show you how to run your errands at once to save you time.

How many times a week do you find yourself taking a short trip?  If it's more than 3 then you are in the right place.  This is a perfect area to make your trips more efficient that will end up saving you time and money in the long run.

 Setting up an errand day can save you 3 or more hours a week!  This post will show you how to save yourself loads of time and some money by setting up an errand day.  Included in this post is a free errand day workbook so you can implement this now.  Take action now and click through to start saving yourself 3 or more hours a week by doing this one thing!

Before I get right into it, let's talk a little bit about errands.

What are errands?

Errands are what I like to call out of the house chores.  Running to places like:

  • The bank
  • Post office
  • Grocery store
  • Dry cleaners

Are just a few examples of "what errands are".  When you have to head out and go somewhere to do something it takes up more time than just doing chores at home.  You have to factor in travel time and if the place is going to be busy.

Running errands

I get it, you run out of milk, you need to run to the store and grab another gallon.  You notice that the bread is moldy, you get in the car and grab another loaf.  The next day, you notice there are no canned tomatoes to make dinner so, you get in the car and grab a can of tomatoes.  These are completely justified trips.  You need to get to the store and get those items you are out of.

How do you go about changing this mindset?  You are out of something, so you need to replace it.  

That's what this post is all about.  I'm going to show you why I set up an errand day and walk you through the steps so you can start immediately.  The plus side, you'll be saving time with this method.

The time and money savings you'll see

Before I get into the step by step process on how to set up your errand day or why I decided on an errand day, I like to show you how setting up an errand day will save you money each week.

The first one is simply that most people don't even think about when they get into their car.  

It's the ware and tare on your car.  The mileage and the gas.  The more you drive the quicker you are going to wear out your car.  More miles mean more oil changes, more tune-ups, and more fill-ups at the gas station.

Your insurance costs can go up if you drive more than a certain amount each year.  

These are things to think about every time you get into your car.

Here's another way you are going to save time.

Every time you step into a store you are tempted to buy unnecessary items.  Those M&M's are staring you in the face.  Are you having a bad day?  You may be more tempted to impulse shop.

Are you just flat running behind, you run to the store, grab what you need, and leave.  You look at the clock and realize you are just running out of time, so you stop by a drive-thru and pick something up.

Every time you leave your home to hit a store you are tempted into purchasing other items.  Another great reason to devote a day to your errands.

Why I decided on an errand day.

Here's my truth.  I'm busy.  

It is as simple as that.  I'm really busy.  

Instead of throwing my hands up in the air and giving up.  I became proactive.  

I was that person, running to the store every single day.  I would get off of work, go to the store, pick out what was for dinner, come home, and cook it.

Completely inefficient!

No wonder I had troubles getting anything done!

My errand day is more than just grocery shopping.  This is my day for appointments also.  I need a haircut, I schedule it on my errand day.  I need a follow-up appointment with the doctor, I schedule it on my errand day.

If involves me going somewhere other than home or work, I try to schedule on my errand day.  However, there are situations that come up and we'll need to go to an appointment on a non-errand day.  It happens.  This works most weeks.  Just keep an open mind, life happens and we just need to power through it.

It was important for me to create a simple to follow system that I will be able to stick to.

What you can do to create your own errand day.

Let me tell you a little bit about how I am able to maintain this blog, work, run a home, and everything else I do.  It's quite simple, I schedule everything.

It is what keeps me on track.  It is what keeps me organized.  It is what keeps me efficient.  And most importantly it is what keeps me from going insane.

Each week when I set up my schedule.  I create my weekly errand to do list.  I know this may sound funny but seriously, give it a try because it truly works.

Now let's get to it.  I've talked to you about why I set up an errand day and how it will save you money, now let's talk about how you can create one and implement an errand day into your week.

 "The key to being insanely efficient is minimizing unproductive behavior."-Unknown

If found there is more to it than just creating an errand day.  To set yourself up for the most success as possible, you need to have a game plan.

At the start of every week.  I create an errand day list.  This list includes stores I need to go to with the lists, appointments I have with address and times, and other places I need to go to other than stores or appointments. 

The night before my errand day I create a "game plan".  This is me creating my menu, mapping out the most efficient route, finalizing my lists, and gathering any items that I may need.

When I create my route, I like to make a big circle if it is possible.  Okay, so I am not so crazy about this route that I'm googling the most efficient route.  My plan usually includes having the furthest place in the middle of my list so I am keeping with making a big circle.

When making my lists, I try to organize the list by the store.  Making a big circle in the store.

I make sure that I have a complete menu and meal plan.  You can read how to create a quick and effective meal planning system below.

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It's about being as efficient as possible.

Here's one more trick, your errand day can change.  

Mostly my errand days are on Wednesdays, but I've changed it to other days to fit my needs.

Now I'd like to make it as simple as possible for you that's why I've created Time Saving Busy Mom workbook.  You can download and print this out and start saving time on things that you do each and every week.

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This workbook has my 8 tips that will help you save time, which is all busy mom approved!  Each tip has a worksheet to help you create a game plan make you successful.

Sometimes, getting going is the hardest part.  Working alone isn't always the answer.  We sometimes get in our own way of success.  

Are you inspired to start your own errand day?

I would love to hear all about it in the comments below!