February Goals Recap With March Accountability

Time really does fly when you are having fun!!!  February was my first full month of blogging.  At the end of January I made a list of things that I really wanted to focus on for the entire month of February.  I kept my entire list of goals blogging specific since I am so new and told myself that I need to eat, breath, sleep, and dream blogging.  So that's exactly what I've been doing.  I'm sure my friends and family are getting a little sick of me obsessing over this.

February Goals & March Accountability

I had 13 goals this month.  Looking back I probably bit off more then I could chew.  Let see how it worked out

My first goal was to keep up with posting to the blog 2 times per week- I did this and also went above posting 3 times a week for a few weeks.

Next was working on having 2 months of blog posts scheduled 14-20 posts-This has been pretty hard.  When I say scheduled I mean written, proof read, pictures added, and completely ready to go.  It was an epic fail.  I am just 2 weeks ahead of schedule.  However, I am proud that I was able to get that far ahead.

Start a social media schedule-This was so important to me since I feel like I'm drowning in the social media pool.  Before blogging I never really posted anything to social media I would check in from time to time but really that was the extent of my social media.  So this has been a stretch.  However, I started using Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter on a daily basis actually I am posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter 3 times per day or more.  As far as a schedule I finally made up a print schedule and am testing it out as we speak.

Grow my email list-This is a work in progress.  I want to focus on this every month.  I did a 1 month blogiversary post to gain follower that way.  I implemented a free gift with subscription.  I started February with 5 subscribers and ended with 26.  I am very happy with that number!

Try to start implementing YouTube- Well I purchased a new digital SLR camera that will take care of my blog photos and my videos.  My ultimate goal is to have a on-line 20 minute or less cooking school.  More to come later but right now I am learning everything YouTube.  So this has been a slow work in progress.  

Double following on all social media platforms I use-Well the numbers are in...no, but I feel like I had really good growth.  I am not going to dwell on the numbers on this.  

Pass out business cards at least once a week-Yes I have been consistent at that.  I continue to eat, sleep, breath, and obsess blog so I want everyone to hear about it.  What made me think of this was, one day while I was getting my groceries the checker and I were talking and blogging came up and she asked for my website so I wrote it down and thought, not professional I need to fix this, so I did.

Continually send out weekly email newsletters-Yes ever Sunday morning I have been greeting in boxes with a bonus post.  I got some awesome advice from a blog I read about having people obsess over your blog and I changed up my newsletters a little bit so I can share more love.  I loved this post from Hey There Chelsie and you can read that post HERE

Look into starting an e-course-Well that goes back to the YouTube thing.  Which is a work in progress.

Start writing newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations for promotion spots-I started working on my media kit.  I haven't written any of them yet.  This too, is a work in progress.

Actively post comments on other blogs-Yes everyday!  I am proud of that one.  This actually is the highlight of my blogging day!  I LOVE hearing from other bloggers.  They are my favorite!  Some of my favorites are travel and food blogs.  I sometimes want to melt into my computer screen and go where they have been or eat what they have prepared!  I have learned so much from my fellow bloggers I love it!  This is to my fellow bloggers-thank you so much!!

Take pictures-Okay that I feel like I have most improved on.  I am HORRIBLE about taking pictures.  Baby walking for the first time oops forgot to take that picture, first day of school nope couldn't find the camera...I am the worst at that.  Everyday I am forcing myself to take lots of picture and get in the habit of it!

There you have it, this my list of my February goals.  Now on to March accountability.

March I don't think I'm going to bite off more then I can chew. 

Work towards my 2 months of finished blog posts. 

Produce a better social media planner.  

Continue to grow my email list.

Pass out business cards once a week

Start writing to newspapers, radio stations, and TV stations.  Include my media kit.

Work on my E-Course.

Finish a book! Actually sit down and read a book, not at once but over the month.

Okay March goals are set.  Hopefully I can continue on an upward blogging climb.  I did add a non blog goal in because I am spending way too much time in front of the computer and need breaks from time to time.

What did you think?  What type of goals are you setting for yourself?  I would love to hear all about it!  Thank you so much!