The Feng Shui Farmhouse: Are You Really Getting The Most Out Of Your Living Space?

There’s a common misconception in the world of interior design. It’s widely believed that modernism and rusticism are at completely opposite ends of the spectrum. One is all about minimalism, clean lines, symmetry and geometrics, the other is traditionalism, natural materials and the curves and imperfections that come from the use of natural materials. But just because you have a preference for one, doesn’t mean that your home’s aesthetic can’t be enhanced by applying principles of the other. A rustic farmhouse can still offer the sense of calm, serenity and functional simplicity offered by more modernist aesthetics without betraying its more traditional sensibilities.


Here we’ll look at some ways in which you can get the best of both worlds, by applying feng shui principles to your farmhouse and combining the sense of tradition and familiarity you expect from a farmhouse with the serenity of a more modern aesthetic.

Get an outside perspective

Sometimes we need to get out of the way of our own tastes, passions, and prejudices when making design decisions. When designing for renovations, however small, it’s always good to get an outside perspective. An interior designer or feng shui consultant can look at your living space and work within its limitations to ensure that you get the most out of it.

Many wave off feng shui as a pseudoscience, but there are many who swear by it. Many executives and creatives pay top dollar for feng shui consultants to reorganize their working and living spaces to help them achieve calm and serenity and help with their monetary and career goals.

Clutter Gotta Go

It could be argued that a rustic aesthetic is defined, at least in part, by those little finishing touches from ornamental horseshoes to mismatched furniture. But in your zeal to create that perfectly crafted look, don’t allow your home to become the victim of clutter. Not only is clutter visually distracting in a way that can actually detract from your home’s aesthetic rather than reinforcing it, it can actually have an adverse effect on your mental health, preventing you from feeling relaxed and at peace in your own home. Ridding your home of clutter doesn’t necessarily ridding it of all your worldly possessions, it’s usually just a case of investing in some good storage solutions and thinking twice about what you leave out on display.


Better stuff not more stuff

We all spend a lot on making sure that our homes are as beautiful and as comfortable as we can be. But try to focus your efforts on investing in better stuff, not more stuff. Save up for a really great sofa, a really supportive mattress or really impressive hardwood flooring. Make a statement with what you have rather than how much you have.

Keep it natural

Modern and rustic designs have one thing in common. They both like to use natural materials to create a sense of oneness in the home. There’s something reassuring about being surrounded by natural materials like wood, stone, cottons, and linens. Reclaimed wood furniture or statement pieces made of driftwood can not only reinforce the rustic look of your home but also help to create a sense of peace and serenity.

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?