From Rugs To Riches

Carpets belong in the home because they are soft and warm and cozy. They are like the perfect pair of shoes to offset a fabulous outfit. Without them, the style wouldn’t look the same; it wouldn’t have the same pop. There’s no doubt they can be a game changer when used correctly. In fact, rugs can even draw the focus away from the rest of the room sometimes; they are that impressive.

As with all things interior design, getting them to work isn’t straightforward as a balance is hard to find. The good news is the tricks of the trade are underneath for you to use in your home. Hopefully, the following won’t floor you!



Every homeowner is the same when someone questions them about dead spaces in their house: it wasn’t me. Rather than deflect blame, it’s time to tackle those hard to fill areas, the ones which have haunted you since you moved in. Yes, this, of course, means trying to make the hallways and corridors seem less cold and bare. Hanging artwork is okay, but the walls are too long for pictures to have an impact. Rugs are different because they act as paths to the next space. The shag pile will draw the eye and then lead it to the next, more glamorous feature.

Funkmaster Flow

A property that is a home and not a house has an element of fluidity. Everything flows from one area to the next and makes sense. You look at two connecting yet separate spaces and can instantly see why they are linked. There are plenty of ways to do this, yet carpets are the best option for many reasons. Firstly, the same color and shape intertwine effortlessly. Secondly, the style is in keeping with the rest of the living space. And thirdly, they are big and subtle at the same time. Use other pairs to get the room to flow even more.

Old Dirty Bastard

Carpets are thick and full of fabric; it’s what makes them pretty in the first place. It’s also what makes them a magnet for dirt. And, it’s not only dust bunnies that will call the shag pile home because termites will infest there too. Once there are signs of termite damage, the game is well and truly over. So, it’s important to make a concerted effort to keep the rugs as clean as possible. Vacuum them regularly and spray them with foam which seeps into the fabric and lifts stains and blemishes. You don’t want to be known as the literal ODB.

Pusha Texture

Homes can be one-dimensional. New carpets are designed to include more dimensions without being whacky or over-the-top. Lots of them are raised to seem as if they levitate off the ground. And, some use weird and wonderful materials which overpower the senses, in a good way. Mix a luscious shag pile with a leather sofa and a fabric armchair and the textures which bring a new lease of life to the room.

Can you take a rug and turn it into an interior design masterpiece?