Planning A Girls Weekend Get Away

My 2 besties in the whole wide world and I always talk about having a girls weekend.  It is always us talking about it with no follow through.  Enough is enough time to put this conversation into action!  We are getting away from our hubbies and kids and enjoying a weekend up north tasting wine, eating food, and just having a lot of time laughing!

 Have you been thinking about how to create a Mom's weekend away with your favorite friends?  In this post, Jenn shows you how she was able to plan a mom's weekend away with her 2 friends.  Included is a free workbook to help you plan out your mom's weekend away.  #momsweekendaway #planningagirlstrip #winetasting #planningamomtrip

We are from the beautiful pacific northwest, more specifically the Seattle area.  We all live about an hour south.  Recently, I read this post about a wine tour on Bainbridge Island that I thought would be perfect for a girls weekend.  You can read the post HERE.  It walks you through a few of the wineries over there.

Whenever I start planning anything like this I like to ask myself the who, what, where, when, and how, and how much.  I am going to walk you through step by step my planning process. 

Now if you feel like you would never have time for something like this or you are stricken with guilt when you think about doing something like this, then it is time you become the most organized busy mom ever.  

You can download my free Organized Busy Mom Workbook below, later on, in this post, I will tell you all about it.


The invitees.  Who would you like to spend this glorious weekend with?  Answering this for me was easy- The 3 girls, my 2 besties and I.  Check!

 Us fueling up at Starbucks before we head up!

Us fueling up at Starbucks before we head up!


This is where you plan out what it is you would like to do.  What would you like to do for your fun get away?  For our trip, we have decided to go wine tasting on Bainbridge Island. 

If you find that you just cannot decide on where to go, start Googling "fun things for a girls trip" that is in your area.  You'll be so surprised with what comes up.  

Check!  On to the next step.


Where are you going?  This is where you want a more detailed plan.  Make reservations, purchase tickets (if needed).  We have decided to take the ferry over to Bainbridge Island and then stay the night in Seattle.   So I made reservations at the hotel.  I checked the wineries web sites to see if reservations or advance payment was needed.  I also check the hours.  Check!  Yay, now on to the next step...


When are you wanting to go?  Find a time when everyone is free and put it on the calendar before something else comes up.  When we were at dinner we pulled out our calendars and iPhones and agreed on a weekend we were all free.  


I have two categories for HOW.  We need a nice detailed plan on how we are going to have everything planned out and the final how will be our last step.  So, for our weekend we planned on car pooling up early Saturday morning stopping for coffee before heading all the way up.  

I was able to have the hotel hold our luggage before check in so we could head out and catch the ferry to Bainbridge Island.  Our transportation of choice is Uber once we got to Seattle.  

We all could have a great time and not worry about driving.  After our wine tasting, we checked into the hotel and go ready for a nice dinner.  As far as dinner reservations we chose to figure dinner out once dinner time came around since we wanted a little spontaneity.  Now on to the last step.

 How Much?

Budget time!  This is the place for a detailed budget.  How much is the hotel going to cost?  How about transportation?  Will you be eating?  How about any other fun things you have planned?  Write it all down!  

If you plan far enough in advance you can really plan a fun weekend and save for it.  Another thing to think about when planning your budget is clothes.  Do you need or want anything new for your trip?  If so add that to your budget.

I have put together a checklist and packing list for you to help you plan your own girls weekend getaway!  Go ahead and download it and start planning your weekend getaway!

Hopefully this will help in planning your next girls trip.  Have you every planned a girls get away?  I would love to hear all about it!!  Thanks!!