Glam Up Your Garage

Is your garage in need of some TLC? Here are some ways in which you can improve this space and make it a part of your home to be proud of.


Cull the clutter

Those of us with hoarding habits tend to use our garages as places to store clutter. If you’re guilty of this, giving your garage a clear out could be the first important step to reviving this space. Hire a skip and try and get rid of as many unwanted possessions as you can. You can still use your garage as a storage space, but try to only use it for things you need that can’t be stored elsewhere in the house. Try to introduce an organized storage system such as building shelves, putting up pegboards or using slats to hang objects from.

Upgrade your garage door

Garage doors need to be serviced regularly. If you haven’t maintained your door, it could be rusted and warped. Consider hiring a service technician to repair or replace your door. Opting for a replacement could allow you to install something modern that’s more secure and durable. Decide what kind of mechanism you’d like – will your garage door slide up, roll up or swing open? You could even opt for a smart door that you can control remotely with your phone. Remember to also consider the various materials and designs – finding a door that looks good could improve your home’s value.


Fix up the floor

You should also consider whether the garage’s floor needs fixing up. If it’s made of cement and has become cracked, you may need to get this floor repaired and then sealed. Sealing a concrete floor can have many advantages such as preventing damage and making cleaning easier. If you’re not going to be parking a vehicle in your garage, you could consider other flooring options from rubber padding to vinyl – this could make it more comfortable to walk on.

Add some home comforts

Comfortable flooring might not be the only improvement you want to make if you have plans to use your garage for more than vehicle storage. Adding wall sockets could allow you to plug in radios, gym equipment, DIY machinery or any other devices you fancy without having to trail an extension cable from in.

If your garage doesn’t have any lights, you could also consider wiring in an overhead light or two. Insulation and heating could also be useful for keeping this space cozy in the winter. You could even turn your garage into an entire other living space - it could become a guest bedroom or a home office or an extra lounge. If you’re planning on using your garage as a workshop, make sure that there’s some kind of extraction fan fitted that can pick up fumes and dust – whilst opening the garage door could help to keep the space ventilated, having an extraction fan could be useful in winter when you don’t want to let in the wind or rain.