3 Amazing Flourishes That Lend Any Home A Touch Of Opulence

The home is many things. It’s a refuge, a sanctuary, a place where we can be truly ourselves. It’s a safe space in which we can raise our kids and help them to make treasured memories that they’ll take with them for the rest of their lives. It’s also a vehicle for self-expression. It’s a statement that we make to the world.

We all spend a lot of time and effort on what our home says about us. We try to make it look luxurious and welcoming but also safe and secure from outside. We do our best to ensure that the home is packed with the essentials and that it’s neat, tidy and spotlessly clean. Everything from the books we choose to display to the glassware we leave on the dining table and the colors we paint on our walls says something very specific about the kind of person we are.


Our home gives us an opportunity to make a statement, but sometimes we want to say something with a whisper and others we want to scream. If you have the money to spare and want to make some changes that add value to your home while also giving the home a touch of opulence and luxury, any of the following makes for a worthy addition which may be far more affordable than you thought…

A home theater

For film buffs around the world, a home theatre is the ultimate enunciation of their passion. It lends the home a touch of luxury while also making a bold statement about your cinematic tastes. Home Theater Installation is as much about installing the right tech as it is about decor. A great home cinema requires a screen with a 4K projector and 7.1 TrueHD Dolby Atmos surround sound for incredible overhead sound effects.

Decorate the space with tasteful accouterments such as luxurious reclining chairs, framed prints of classic movie posters and spotlights and your friends need never be overcharged for popcorn ever again.


A pool

The ultimate statement of class and luxury, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that a pool is surprisingly affordable. Resin and fiberglass pools are very inexpensive and can be installed relatively quickly and easily. If you wanted to handle it as a DIY project, an above ground pool could be installed for as little as $6,000. Even a more luxurious concrete or fiberglass in-ground pool may not be quite as expensive as you may expect, averaging at around $22,000. Of course, a pool will also require a water pump and regular maintenance to keep clean and functional, but if you have the budget there’s little that says elegance more eloquently.

The kitchen of the future

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the hub of a lot of the social and familial activity of your household. It’s where delicious food is cooked and eaten, good times are shared and memories are made. But it can also be your home’s greatest talking point with a few luxurious flourishes. Granite and quartz worktops are a great way to elevate any kitchen’s aesthetic while a steam oven will not only look great in your kitchen but also prepare faster, healthier and more nutritious meals while even saving you a small fortune on energy costs.

Every home deserves just a touch of luxury, after all.