My monthly homemaking goals for August and how you can get more done too

 Do you want to accomplish some of your goals?  In this post, Jenn shares her goals and complete plan of attack about how she's going to accomplish them.  Start creating and accomplishing your goals with the free workbook included too.

Why not try to get more done in less time?

Are you sick and tired of setting a goal and not achieving it?  That was me a few years ago.  It wasn't until I came up with a solid system that my goals were being achieved.  In this post, I'm going to share with you how I set goals for the month and my plan of attack for each goal.  

Check back next month when I share my successes and failures of my goals setting process.

Learn how to set your own homemaking goals for the month.

Goal setting can be quite overwhelming.  But with a solid plan in place you to will be setting and achieving goals for yourself in no time.  

Inside the Organized Busy Mom workbook, you'll find a goal setting worksheet to help you create a few goals for yourself.

For a more in-depth post about how to start setting goals for yourself, then you'll want to check out my post about how to achieve your goals in 12-weeks.  You can learn more here.

Inside The Organized Busy Mom workbook you'll also find 7 other organizing tips with a worksheet for each tip.  This way you can create a game plan allow you to be successful and allow you to take action today.

It's completely free, click the button below to download the workbook.

I would love to know in the comments below, how often do you set goals for yourself?

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