How To Host A Stress-Free Thanksgiving

 In this post, Jenn shares 4 simple things you can do to host a stress-free Thanksgiving this year.  These tips with help you become more organized.  She also includes a free Stress-Free Thanksgiving Workbook to help you out.

I'm not going to sugar coat this, the holiday season is a stressful and overwhelming time of the year.  With big meals, family gatherings, parties, and shopping it is hard to not be stressed out all day every day.

In this post, I'm going to share 6 things that you can do to host a stress-free Thanksgiving this year.  These 6 tips that I'm sharing are going to help you become more organized so when you host Thanksgiving this year you won't have a giant ulcer as your souvenir.

We are the ones that put the stress on ourselves.  I don't know about you but, I do.  I want everything to be perfect.  I want my guests to enjoy themselves.  However, it comes with a price. 


It is also one of the most enjoyable time of the year.  

Plan ahead

Create a well thought out a 4-week timeline.   Inside your 4 week timeline, you'll want to include things like your invite list, menu, when you'll want to order the turkey, pick up the turkey, and more.

By creating a timeline you can know step by step what needs to be done when so you're not looking at a mile long to do list that will overwhelm you.

Your timeline will also help you with not forgetting things which happens when you are stressed out and overwhelmed.

Ask for helpers to make your Thanksgiving a success

You cannot be expected to do everything.  People love to help.  They want to feel needed.  I think it's in everyone's DNA (not a fact, just my thinking, anyway).

Asking people to arrive early to help set the table, help you in the kitchen, or even watch the kids while you're cooking will help reduce the stress while you are preparing your Thanksgiving feast.

What I like to do is come up with "jobs" that other people can do because every year people ask me if they can help.  Instead of saying "no", I have jobs that they can do.

Ask for people to bring a dish

Thanksgiving is a feast.  There's a giant turkey, tons of sides, and dessert.  I have no idea how we fit that all in our tummies but we do.

If you are hosting, there is way more than just cooking that needs to be done.  Cleaning, setting up, and the list goes on.  When you are inviting your guests, ask them to bring a dish to help you with the stress.

When you are planning out your Thanksgiving menu think of dishes or drinks that people can bring.  Things like sparkling cider, wine, and mashed potatoes can really help you stay on budget and save you time.

Less is more menu

Like I said above, Thanksgiving is a feast.  Do you really need 5 side dishes?  It is impossible to eat everything that is served so creating a simple menu will help you host a stress-free Thanksgiving.

Maybe instead of having an appetizer platter or spread you just have a veggie tray out.  Instead of having 5 or 6 side dishes you only have 2 or 3.  

You can also create a smaller dessert spread.  When I was growing up my mother made 3 different pies!  And she made 2 of each pie!  So we had so much dessert that really, no one was hungry for.  

So if you find yourself making 2 or 3 different pies and you are stressed out about that, pick one and call it a day (or you can ask others to bring the dessert :)).

Create a detailed shopping list

Once you've created your menu and asked your guests to bring a dish it is time to create your shopping list.  

It is important to create a shopping list that is as detailed as possible.  You'll want to go through your entire menu, write down all of the ingredients that you'll need, check your pantry and kitchen for items that you're missing and write everything down.

For Thanksgiving, it is quite common to have to go shopping to more than one store.  I like to create a master shopping list and then create a list for each store I'm going to.

By doing this, you'll save the headache of forgetting items when you're in the middle of cooking your Thanksgiving feast.

Shop around for the best prices

Like I said above, it is quite common to shop at a few stores for your Thanksgiving feast.  This is the best way to keep you on budget.  

What I like to do is once my master shopping list is complete I take a look at all of the ads in my area and create a shopping list for each of those stores so I know I'm getting the best price.

To save a little bit of time while you are shopping you can take a look at the store's map so you can create your list in order as you'll see it in the store.

This will help save time and help you not forget to buy things.

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Stress free thanksgiving optin.jpg

In this post, I shared 6 tips with you to help you create a stress-free Thanksgiving.  My hope with creating this post is to inspire you to take a few minutes to plan ahead so you can enjoy the holidays and have a little less overwhelm in your life.

I want to thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read this post.  If you know someone that would love this post or that might need some of this information to help them you can easily share this with them by clicking on one of the share buttons located on the left of this post.

Again, thank you for stopping by and I hope you are able to enjoy a stress-free Thanksgiving this year.