Don't Waste Time With Household Waste

How much time do you spend trying to sort out all of the junk and waste that your family produces? Probably way too much time than you should! In fact, having to deal with household waste is a common complaint of most homeowners.

The main issue is that there is a lot of conflicting information out there regarding how you should deal with various types of waste. Not knowing whether something should be recycled or just discarded with the garbage can be a big headache, especially when your time could be put to better use elsewhere!


Well, you don’t need to worry about household waste much longer - here’s my quick guide all about what you should do with all the different rubbish that you and your family produce.

Bulky Junk

One thing that really annoys homeowners is needing to deal with bulky waste. This usually comprises of large items of furniture that can’t just be chucked in the bin. If you can’t get your old sofa in the back of your car to take to the tip, you might think that you are stuck with it forever.

That’s not the case, though! If you take a look at, you will see that there are companies that will come and pick up these large items of rubbish for you. The can dispose of this garbage efficiently so that you don’t have to worry about it!

Food Waste

Generally speaking, it’s best to try and keep your food waste down to a minimum. As you can see from, doing so will help you save a lot of money on your grocery bill. Plus, it is a lot better for the environment.

If you do find that you have some food waste, though, rather than put it in the trash, it is a lot better to compost it. Once it has decomposed and turned to compost, you can then use it on your garden as a natural fertilizer.


Don’t throw something out if it is primarily made from cardboard, paper, glass, or wood. There’s a good chance that it could be recycled. In fact, even some plastics can now be recycled these days.

If your council picks up recycling then you should leave it out for them on their set day of the week. If they don’t organize collections for your recycling, you could always take it to your nearest recycling center. Thankfully, most cities and towns now have these centers that are open to the public.


Everyday Waste

Unfortunately, there will be some forms of waste that can’t be recycled, and these will just need to be added to your trash. It’s always a good idea to keep this waste down to a minimum as it will only end up in a landfill site which can be very bad for the environment. To try and reduce your everyday waste, try and reuse items as much as possible before you throw them out.

Hopefully, all of your household waste questions have now been answered!