How Technology Can Make It Easier to Run Your Home

In the 21st century, you don’t have to micromanage your home to make sure that everything is going smoothly. Thanks to the recent technological developments, you can monitor the performance of the building, keep an eye on the front and the back garden, even your kids, and your pets as well. Remotely turn on the heating or air conditioning, open the blinds, or measure your carbon footprint. Below you can find out more about technology that can make running a busy household easier.


Smart WiFi Thermostat

You don’t have to worry about heating an empty house when you have to do overtime or are held up in traffic. At the same time, you can control your home’s temperature and your entire heating and air conditioning system through your phone. There are several makes of smart thermostat available to work with your HVAC unit, and they will not only help you get the temperature right every time but also save energy and money long term.

Nest Protect and Security


Image via Paweł Czerwiński

In case you have a holiday home or work away a lot, you might want to invest in a security app that will let you answer the door on your mobile. In case you live in a busy town and there are canvassers and salesmen visiting your street every day, you will want to make sure that you are not letting people know that you are away. In some cases, people will turn up with an excuse just to snoop around your property. While having a traditional alarm is important, you can increase your security and get additional features listed on  with Nest or other make security systems.

Amazon Echo


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If you have a busy lifestyle and would like to save time on going on your computer or your phone, searching for the best route to get to work or to your appointment, listening to the news, or researching, without literally sitting down and typing the questions, you will love the Amazon Echo Dot. You can choose the music for your mood, get updates on the traffic and your favorite TV shows, check the weather, and much more.

Nest Home Camera


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Those with pets are often worried about their friends’ health and well being while they are away worried. Or you might simply want to keep an eye on your young puppy, so you know what they are up to and how they behave. While it might not be possible to rescue your slippers or your sofa in time, you will be able to make smart adjustments every day, so you can prevent accidents and damage.

Timer Plugs

If you have a regular daily routine, you might want to save energy and money by turning on and off devices automatically. While you can control your energy use and temperature using a smart meter and smart thermostat, you will need a timer plug that comes with a remote control that will let you set the time when your light goes on. This solution is also great for security. Whenever you go on holiday, you can make your bedroom or living room light go on at night, so those with bad intentions will believe that you are at home. You might even set a timer for your outdoor lighting, so you can protect the back of your property.

Robotic Vacuum


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Are household chores boring you? You are not alone. Today’s busy lifestyle simply doesn’t allow us to spend as much time cleaning as previous generations. Robotic and automatic hoovers have been around for a long time, and they can be programmed to charge themselves and complete the vacuuming autonomously at a convenient time. You don’t have to be at home or hire a cleaning company to arrive back to a dust-free home.

Air Purifier

In case pollution is causing you an issue at home, you can get some great air purifiers that will filter out pollen, dust, and pollutants. Asthma and respiratory illness sufferers will welcome this technology, as they will be able to keep the windows open in the morning and still get a good night’s sleep without having to use their inhalers, antihistamines, or other medication.

Smart Keys and Locks

Have you ever lost your keys? It can be annoying and costly. Or have your kids lost theirs, and you had to rush home to let them in? The answer is smart keys and locks. Through an app, you can make and send copies to your family members’ smartphones, and give them access to your back gate, garage door, or even the front door. If there is an emergency at your house while you are on holiday, you can send the key to the police or security company to prevent costly door repairs.

Hue Lighting

If you want your home to adjust the lighting to your mood, you might want to try hue lighting from Philips. The clever bulbs can be turning your room blue or pink, depending on what you feel like. A starter kit is a bit pricey, but you can get connected light bulbs to be used in individual rooms of your home.

Robotic Alarm

Does it take you a couple of tries to get up in the morning? Do you simply reach out to your phone and snooze the alarm just to turn to the other side? With a robotic alarm, you can’t do that, and will have to get up as soon as it goes off. It will make you chase it around the room, so you really need to leave your bed to turn it off. Up for a hide and seek in the morning? Get one of these playful and smart devices.

Smart technology can make our homes safer, more connected, and save both time and energy. If you want to take your house into the 21st century and enjoy a more comfortable and healthier environment, it might be time to give one of these gadgets a try.