How to Turn an Extra Room Into a Functional Laundry

If you would like to keep your laundry and washing machine out of the main house and have an outbuilding or a shed to use, you can turn your extra space into a functional laundry. You can hear the radio and music without the machines humming in the background, and keep your home clean and tidy if you have a separate laundry room. If you are ready to get started with the DIY project, here’s a few tips to help you.


Pipework and Electricity

The first thing you will have to do is connect the pipework safely, so you have water and drainage facilities. As this job is likely to be the messiest of all, you have to do it first. Pay attention to potential plumbing problems, so you can make sure that you are able to use the room without having to strip it down in a couple of months’ time.


Keep it Insulated and Ventilated

The key to a clean, tidy, and functional laundry room is to make sure that you get rid of the extra heat and moisture. If you can find an electrician locally, you can buy an extractor fan that kicks in whenever you turn on the electricity, so you don’t have to sweat in the small room or deal with condensation and mold in the room. You might also want to get some windows and small fans in the room and make sure you have a portable heater for the winter.

Add Storage

To make your laundry room functional, you will have to make sure you find everything quickly. Floating shelves and open storage will be the best, but you shouldn’t use real wood or rattan, as it is sensitive to moisture. Get a cabinet with drawers, and hang up your laundry hamper when not used, so you can use it and find it when you need it. Create a peg string, so when you are hanging the clothes outside you don’t have to stuff your pockets.



Organization is important, too. If you are not keeping the door of your laundry room locked, make sure that all laundry detergents and chemicals are safely stored high enough for the kids not to get to them. You can also invest in a color sorting laundry hamper that will help you stay on top of your whites, colors, and darks and load your washing quicker.


Once you have your laundry designed, it might be time to decorate. You can find various funny quotes and plaques you can personalize your space with. Alternatively, get a chalkboard and write down your laundry schedule every week for your family members to see, so they can plan their wardrobe and know exactly when they get their clothes back.

Having a separate laundry can make your life easier. You don’t have to use your living space to do the folding, sorting, or ironing. At the same time, you can keep the noise, heat, and moisture out of your living room or bathroom.