How To Use Wall Art In Your Home

Thinking of buying some wall art for your home? Whether you’re looking for a classic realist painting or something edgy and abstract, make sure to consider these tips in order to get the best impact out of your art piece.


Add depth to a poky room

Wall art can be great for adding an extra sense of spaciousness and depth to an otherwise poky room. Landscape pieces by the likes of Peter Lik are particularly effective at creating this impact as they can give the illusion of being just like a window. You could use wall art to open up a cramped hallway or to give depth to an interior bedroom wall – just make sure that there’s enough room to stand back and take in the whole picture otherwise its impact will be lost.


Compliment a room’s color scheme

Wall art can be great for bringing out certain colors in your décor. If you’ve got a neutral living room décor scheme but bright sofa cushions, you could use an art piece to help complement these cushions and help create a pop of color. An art piece could also be used to contrast a color scheme – if you’ve got a colorful wall, you could use a black and white art piece to add contrast. Artists like Ansel Adams specialize in these atmospheric monochrome pieces.


Counterbalance your TV

Televisions can often dominate the room – hanging a piece of wall art opposite can help to counterbalance the TV. This could be useful in an old or rustic property in which a TV could be taking away from the character of your home. Wall art could also be placed over a TV, providing a contrasting to the black screen.

Add to the mood of the room

You can also use wall art to help add to the mood of a room. If you want a living room to be a social and buzzing space you can use a busy painting to help add this energy. If you want a bedroom to be a calming and tranquil place, you can use a calming seascape to do this. You can even use foody paintings to help stimulate the taste buds in a dining room. Think about what you want that space to be used for and find a piece of wall art that matches that purpose.


Tell a personal story

You can also use wall art to tell a personal story to guests. You could hang up a painting by a relative or a photo print of a meaningful place in your life. You may even be able to find a piece that simply represents you as a person and the struggles and experiences you’ve been through. Such art pieces can be great conversation starters and they can help to make your home décor have more unique personality.