How's Your Attic Doing?

Your attic is probably a storage space, used to keep all your Christmas decorations safe until you need them, and all of your Grandmother’s old things, which you keep meaning to sell. But there’s a lot your attic protects you against, and there’s a lot you can do with your attic space; maybe you should have a think about that?

how's your attic doing.jpg

When we think of working on our house, we usually plan out the ground floor first, then we think about decluttering our bedrooms and adding some more closet space on the second floor, and we think that’s a job well done. And usually it is, but there’s some more work that could be done even further up, which means now it’s time to focus on your attic! Not every house is cut out for a loft renovation of course, but that isn’t the only thing you can do; here’s a couple of ideas to work with.

Have a Clear Out

Quite possibly the best first move you could make whilst focusing on how to change your attic; if you’ve got a lot of things stored upstairs, having a clear out is going to freshen up the space and make your house feel like less of a waste dump. It sounds a little harsh, but when you really see all the things you’re holding onto, you can feel like a decade’s worth of rubbish is all you have to your name!

Get some boxes to sort the good things from the bad, a.k.a, what you can sell and what you’re simply going to have to throw out. It can be hard to separate yourself from that broken china pot, but it’s not doing anything for you and it won’t do anything for anyone else either.

Get a New Roof

A new roof would be a perfect fit for this summer season, seeing as a badly fitted or non-insulated roof can be the one thing that’s letting all the heat in and all the cool air you’ve worked hard for out! Head to sites like that of if you know you could do with a bit of an upgrade; having a specialist on hand to help you out is the best way to make sure the job is done properly, and it’s never going to be a wasteful investment.


Have a Window Fitted

Having a window fitted is something almost every house out there is capable of, and it’s a good way to make your attic space more of a habitable area in your home. If you can go up there to sort out the boxes, and instead of sweat your body weight out, open the window and let some air and light in, you’ll feel better than ever. And hey, it could be the catalyst for an entire loft renovation once you see how well it fits in…

Your attic is an important space in your household, you should use convert it for better living standards!