What I achieved with my IKEA Haul

January ikea haul.jpg

If you read the post before about My January IKEA Shopping Trip then you know that IKEA is my favorite store (you can click here to read that post).  I call it the Organizer's Disneyland.  My good friend Katie with Organizing Moms and I headed up north on a field trip while the husbands were at work and the kids were in school.    

In this post, I'm going to show you everything that I bought while at IKEA.  So I guess you could call this my IKEA haul post.

Make sure to check back soon for more posts about what I did with my haul and how I was able to transform my home.

Let's begin.  

I first want to say it was really hard for me not to buy everything I saw there.  I felt that I was quite disciplined this time around by spending under $100!

There was one item I wanted to buy but they were out of stock.  I will probably be purchasing that the next time I go up.  

Which item?

Ikea shopping 6.jpg

They were out of stock of this plant stand.  I thought this would be perfect in my dining room under the window.  It would be the perfect place for me to store my veggie starts before they go into the garden.  Hopefully, I can grab this next month!

So what did I get?  Let's begin!

This time I really wanted to focus on small projects.  This trip was my inspiration for future projects.  As you can see below, I didn't go overboard.

A couple of orchid plants, an aloe plant, shelf liners was the start of my shopping haul.

At $0.49 I couldn't leave this pots.  They were perfect for me to add my orchids and aloe plants to.

One thing that I've been needing to do for so long is adding shelf liner to my kitchen cupboards.  Since I didn't pre-measure my drawers and cupboards I know I will be needing more.  I got 2 sets to get me started.

Ikea haul 3.jpg

I loved these little chocolate molds and they were marked down to $0.49 so I needed to add that to my haul for sure!  

I knew coming in that I wanted to update my dining room table so I purchased this tablecloth and table runner to do just that.

Ikea haul 4.jpg

No house can have enough spray bottles.  I like to have them in every bathroom so you can quickly clean the shower right after you get out.  This helps with soap scum and mildew.  I'll be creating a post about this in the future.

You can't beat the price either.  Another markdown to $0.49!  Yes, I grabbed 3!

Ikea haul 5.jpg

Finally, I purchased some chalk.  The other day I bought some chalkboard paint at Target to redo my spices.  I tried to use chalkboard markers but it just didn't work so I'm going to give these a try.  I'll be creating a post about that coming soon.

Ikea haul 6.jpg

As you can see I was able to restrain myself from buying up the entire warehouse.  Check back soon to see how I was able to put my haul to use.  

If you haven't checked out Katie with Organizing Mom's post yet to see what she bought and what projects she came up with I encourage you to do so!  You can see them here.

I want to thank you so much for stopping by, make sure you check out the transformation posts that will be added very soon!

Have an amazing day!