4 Simple Tips For Being Insanely Productive

 4 tips for being insanely productive. Stop wishing you were getting things done and finally get more done. You'll learn 4 very simple strategies you can implement today to become insanely productive.

Wouldn't it be awesome if being insanely productive could be something we could achieve day after day!  You know what I'm talking about, those days that you are able to complete 4 times the amount of things that you are normally able to accomplish.  Those days where you changed places with Super Woman and have no idea on how you'll do that again.

As you are quite aware of, the holiday season is in full swing and that means another layer of tasks, responsibilities, and events that are on our plates.  Being insanely productive is almost a necessity.  So how the heck are we going to achieve that?

That's what I would like to talk to you about today, I am going to share 4 tips for being insanely productive, oh and you don't have to clone yourself, or hire a nanny to do these things.  I will show you how you can have super woman days on a day that is just ordinary.

Since I know that it feels like a fluke sometimes, I am breaking each tip down so you can get a full understanding of what you can start doing today to have insanely productive days.

We all can use that, especially this time of the year!

I almost forgot to mention, that I have put together one of the best bonuses for you!  Stay tuned until the end when I explain what it is and how you are going to become insanely productive.

Now if you cannot wait until the end, it's okay, I'm bad with waiting too!


Like I said before, this post isn't going to share the secret recipe for cloning or share the secrets of how to have Mary Poppins come for a visit.  This post is just going to share 4 simple things you can do to kick butt when you need it the most.

I'm quite aware of how much is on the average woman's plate.  You've got work, home, family, and yourself to worry about it's no wonder, we need to figure out how to get more done.

The pressures are always high, and then adding the holidays to your plate can make it completely overwhelming to the point of being ready to give up.

Instead of giving up, why not try something different.  

For years I was struggling to do half of the things that I can do now.  I was insanely jealous of stay at home moms because I thought they had the time to get all of those things that I needed to get done, done.

Until I was lucky enough to enjoy some time as a stay at home mom did I understand that stay at home moms jobs are just as insane as a working moms job.

I came to the realization that help was in order!  I spent years trying to figure out what the heck I was going to do to start becoming productive.

Today I'm sharing 4 simple things that you can start doing today to become more productive.  These 4 simple things are not going to require you to buy new equipment or learn some super confusing apps.  

They are tested by yours truly and as you might know that anything that I implement needs to pass a strict test.  One of those items on the test that it really needs to be user-friendly.

I love technology but if I'm honest, I'm scared of it.  I'm scared that I'm going to lose things, I'm scared that I won't know how to use it, I'm scared that it'll crash and screw up my entire day.

I'm just plain scared!

So I want to introduce my first tip to you (which as you can probably guess does require a little bit of technology).

Create a daily to do list!

First off, I know what you're thinking, what the heck does technology have to do with creating a daily to do list.  Well, hear me out.

But before I talk about the technology side of my to do list, let me sell you on the idea of a to do list.

I do not start a day without one!  My to do list is like a baby and its pacifier.  I cannot go within 5 feet of my to do list.

The night before I set aside some time to plan my day.  I create my to do list and it calms me down so I know that tomorrow is planned and taken care of.

However, I don't just put together a to do list.  I set up a guideline that I need to adhere to.  It's like a set of rules that my to do list needs to meet before I can even use it.

So many to do list are just list that are out to confuse, overwhelm, and set us up to fail.

What does your to do list look like now?

Is it just a list of stuff that you need to get done, and you hope for the best?

Are you completing your to do list?

If you aren't then you're doing it wrong and I want to help you with that!

Let me explain my to do list rules to you!

The 4 rules your to do list needs to follow are:

  • Prioritized by importance
  • Tasks need to be specific
  • No more than 6-8 items on your list
  • Daily gentle reminders

Now, I'd like to break this down for you so you can create the best darn to do list there ever was! (Yep that was my 3-year-old self-creating that sentence)

Prioritize your list by importance

Prioritizing your to do list in order of importance.  Sure creating a list is great but if you are not going to prioritize your list well then you are just going to overwhelm yourself.  So you really need to make a list in the order of importance.

Writing out a list by importance can waste so much time.  Sure you make think that they are coming into your mind in the order of importance but that's not always the case.  

Why not make your life easier and use one of my favorite tools of all time and that's Todoist (which I'm not affiliated with at all).  It's a free tool that you can use on your computer, phone, or both.  

Were you wondering where the technology was coming into play?

Well here it is, and if you're scared about Todoist, I wrote a few posts about this tool to help ease your nerves.  These posts will walk you through what Todoist is and how you can implement that into your daily life.  You can read up about them below!

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So that is just one step of many to create a to do list that you can actually accomplish, sure having a platform is a huge step but you can just set up a list, prioritize it and hope for the best.  

That's why there are more rules that you need to live by, so let's talk about the next...

Your tasks need to be specific

You need to know exactly what needs to be done and as specific as possible.  If you want to get more done, then you need to set your list up for you to be successful. 

So instead of creating tasks that look like giant projects, break them into single tasks.

Breaking your tasks into bite size pieces (or single tasks) will ease the overwhelmed feeling of what's to come.  So when you have things to do, instead of writing down the entire project, break that project up into steps so then you are completing your project without feeling overwhelmed.

This is another great way to prioritize your list, so when you create your list, you'll need to finish A before B can be done and so on.

No more than 6-8 items on your list.

Have you ever seen a page full to do list, all I can say about that is OVERWHELMED!!!  When you go to look at your list and you see an entire page filled with things that need to be done, you are not going to want to finish it.  

A list longer than 8 things is going to set you up for failure.

My suggestion to you is to create a list of 6 tasks, once those are finished, add a few more.  Just don't over do it.  You do not want to burn yourself out.

You should be able to complete your to do list every single day.  If you cannot then you are doing it wrong.

Sorry for calling you out.

But why are you being so hard on yourself by putting so many things on your list?

Who do you know that can actually finish 20 things on their list?

I consider myself a pro at completing lists and that a huge stretch for me.

I suggest that if you are completely overwhelmed with your to do lists then start your list off with 6 tasks.  If 6 tasks still seem like too much then pick a number that won't overwhelm you.

So when you sit down to create your list, you'll want to first make sure it is prioritized, your tasks are specific, and finally make sure it isn't more than 8 items long.

Know yourself and how you work.

I know, easier said than done right, wrong!  I'd like to lay out 4 different ways of prioritizing your life, your time, and how you work.

Eat the frog method

In this method, you will do the worst thing first.  When you are putting your list together like we talked about in the last area, when you are setting up priorities, you are going to do the worst thing first.  

This is that one thing that you look at and say, "oh man do I really have to".  That is going to be the first on your list.

So make sure you are doing the most undesirable, hardest, the worst task first, and then work your way up.

This method is best for the person who just doesn't have the motivation to start.  Once you start you're golden, you just need a little nudge.

Move big rocks

In this method, you are going to break your tasks into 3 areas the must do, the need to do, and the would like to do.  

You will want to pick out 3 tasks that are going to be in your must do slot.  Then you will want to choose 3 other tasks to put in your need to do slot, and then finally the other 2 will be in your like to do slot.

This will allow you to prioritize your list or your project when you really need to focus on those big items.  

This method is great for the person who doesn't have a problem getting to work, they will focus a lot of their energy on the small busy work.  This will help keep you on track and allow you to focus on those big important tasks.

Pomodoro method

In this method, you are breaking up your working day into mini sessions.  Setting a timer for an allotted time followed by a break.

You will want to gather up all of your working material, set the timer for about 25 minutes and just work, remove distractions and just get to work.  Once the 25 minutes have concluded, you get to reward yourself with a 5-minute break.

This will get you focused on your project by creating mini work sessions.

This is perfect for the person who just needs a little nudge to get going.  If you are fine once you start working, then this one is for you.  Google 25 minute timer and just get to work.  Once the timer goes off, get up and remove yourself from your work.  Allow yourself a 5-minute break.  

This allows your mind and body to recover.  Once the break is over, set the timer again and continue.

Quadrant method

This is a simple list split up into 4 sections, important and urgent, urgent but not important, important but not urgent, and not important or urgent.

When you are making your list you can add your tasks to each category.  I find this method quite straightforward to follow.

This method is perfect for the person that needs to know that they are always working on the most important thing always.

So it is important to know who you are and what works best for you.  I challenge you to try out each method and figure out which works best for you.

You may find that different areas of your life require a different method.  Just be open to it.

Take breaks!

If you want to get things done, you need to reward yourself with breaks.  When you're tired and burnout you are going to be less productive.

Sometimes removing yourself from the situation and going for a walk is all you need to refresh your brain to become insanely productive.

If you've been working on something for more than 2 hours without a break, chances are you're starting to feel burned out.

You don't have to go for a walk to take a break, you could reward yourself with watching TV, playing a game, whatever it is just make sure you are removing yourself from whatever you are working on.

Start and stop your days with routines!

If you are a reader of mine, then you know how important I think these are.  I cannot stress routines enough.

Your morning routine is going to allow you time for yourself.  You are going to focus on you and only you first thing.

Your morning routine is going to allow you to fill your cup up so you can give to others the rest of the day.

For most busy women, we don't have time to take care of ourselves.  We take ourselves for granted.  Not giving back to ourselves so we can give to others.

When people are taking all day from you, it is hard to keep giving when you haven't allowed yourself time to relax and do things that your mind and body need from you.

I like to start every morning in the quiet, then I will do a little yoga, followed by reading a book, then I like to finish my time up with a few positive affirmations.  This time is only about me.  

It really is the only time of the day that I'm selfish.

Once I've gone through that, then I like to check out my to do list and check 2 things of my list before the family wakes up.

I've filled my cup, gotten a little done and am completely ready to take on the day.

As far as finishing my day with a routine, I wrote a step by step evening routine post that walks you through exactly how I set it up.  The outcome was amazing, not only was I getting an insane amount of things done, I ended up saving myself 2 hours a day!

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Your evening routine isn't going to be like your morning routine, it's going to be about getting things done, and prepping for tomorrow.

This way, your morning is freed up some so you can spend some time on yourself in the morning.

By implementing these 4 simple tips, you will have an insanely productive day.  I want to make sure that you get the most out of this post, and that is why I created a checklist so you can be insanely productive day after day!

What type of things do you do to make your self more productive?  Are there things here that you've tried before?  I'd love the hear all about them in the comments below.