My January IKEA Shopping Trip

 In this post, Jenn shares her January shopping trip through IKEA as she is updating her home room by room.  Become inspired and get an inside look at how she's going to update her home. #organizing #IKEA #shoppingtrip #organizedhome #Theoverwhelmedbusymom #ikeahaul  

One of my favorite stores is an hour and a half from my home.  The fact that there's so much traffic makes it something that I only do once in a blue moon.  However, this year I'll be heading up to my favorite store once a month because I'm updating my home one room at a time.

I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me to share with you what I'm up to.  So, in this post, I'm going to be sharing my January IKEA shopping trip with you.  This time I was able to go along with a dear friend of mine, Katie with Organizing Moms.

It was the perfect day to go.  It was raining and we had the store almost to ourselves!  This is Katie and I before we walked into an Organizers Disneyland.

Ikea shopping 1.jpg

Our IKEA recently remodeled their store so there are two stories.  The top floor had all of the displays, rooms, and cafe' and the bottom floor was the marketplace.  

We were in an organizers paradise!

Ikea shopping 2.jpg

My mind was in overdrive, figuring out what I can do with everything.  Like the above picture.  This shelf unit was a lot more functional than the normal cube shelf units.  I wanted this so bad!

I love to drink tea.  When I have friends and family over.  Having a cute serving tray for the occasion is exactly what I need.

I love how adding an orchid to a tray and putting it on the kitchen counter adds just a nice rich feel to the room.  

Ikea shopping 4.jpg

Creating functional space on an empty wall is awesome.  I love how clean and organized this wall looks.  By adding an organized space on the wall it frees up your counters so your room doesn't feel so cluttered.

Ikea shopping 5.jpg

I fell in love with this shelf.  I had the perfect place inside my home for this.  Since I start my seeds inside, this would be a perfect place for me to store my starts before they are added to the garden!

Ikea shopping 6.jpg

Once we hit the kitchen section I felt like I had died and gone to organizing heaven.  The cupboards and drawers were so perfectly organized.  I wanted to bring all of this home with me!

I know this is exactly what my kitchen needs.  Just think, every time a drawer or cupboard is opened you know exactly what is there.  No moving things out of the way or guessing that it might be there.  You just open and know!

Ikea shopping 8.jpg

I knew I was in love with this kitchen!  The lighting, the counters, the organized cupboards and drawers.  Again, I wanted to bring this room home with me.

Ikea shopping 9.jpg
Ikea shopping 11.jpg

For smaller kitchens with an open wall adding a shelf unit will help with storing cereals, grains, cookbooks, and so much more.  

Ikea shopping 12.jpg
Ikea shopping 13.jpg

How many kitchens have this problem?  A small section that is too small to store anything but a bottle or two of wine and some cookbooks.  I loved this and when I go to redo my kitchen I'm going to be adding a small shelf so I can store my cookbooks and other small items.

Ikea shopping 15.jpg

Below are a few other set-ups that I loved.  More wall storage to free up your counters.  A perfect little tea nook, and what about storing your spices above your cooktop. 

I have to hand it to IKEA.  They really do know how to think outside the box when it comes to storage in small spaces.

Ikea shopping 14.jpg
Ikea shopping 16.jpg
Ikea shopping 17.jpg

I hope you enjoyed my January IKEA shopping trip.  During this whole series, I'm going to show you what I purchased and how I implemented it into my home.  I hope that this series will help inspire you to organize your home.

I want to thank you so much for stopping by!  Have an amazing day and check back for What I Achieved With My IKEA Haul!  

Also, if you'd like to see more about our shopping trip through Katie's perspective, head over to see her post at OrganizingMoms.