Keeping The House Cool In Summer

For the last few weeks, we have been having a massive heatwave which is showing no signs of letting up any time soon. This has been a time where everyone spends their days either in the garden or at the beach, we enjoy a cold beer in the sun and build up that perfect summer tan. However, there is one downside to hot weather, and that is the fact that our houses are sweltering. Here are some of the simple ways to keep your house cool in the summertime.


Stay inside

It is tempting to get out into the sun all day every day when it is hot, however, it is not advisable to always get out in the sun at 11-3 pm. Think about staying inside for a little while, turning on your nautical ceiling fans, closing the curtains to block out the light and staying cool for a while.  When you do leave the house, leave the curtains closed so you can come back to a cool house.

Chill your eyes

When we are out in the sun all day every day, out eyes can get a little bit strained. Even if you do wear sunglasses throughout the day it can be lovely to cool your eyes down when you get home. To do this you can slice up some cucumber and place them on your eyes for 20 minutes or so while you take a nap. It will hydrate and relax your eyes and it will feel super refreshing too!

After sun

After sun is likely your savior on a hot day if you have skin which burns easily. After sun is a type of skin lotion which can be used after being out in the sun to soothe the skin and hydrate it. It is refreshing as it is, but you can take it one step further and place a bottle of your after sun in the fridge, thank us later!

Open the fridge

If you are boiling hot and you need to cool down in the house very quickly the easiest thing you can possibly do is open up your fridge or freezer and palace go face in there for a few minutes. Sure, it might look a little bit weird at first, but you will be cool and refreshed in minutes and you will be more than happy to do it again.


Keep water in the house

This one is a little random but it can make a big difference to your home. When you are at home all day during the summer, make sure that you keep watered plants and bowls of water in each room. The water will evaporate with the heat, however, the water vapor in the air will actually cool down the room overall.

Eat cold

Put away your slow cooker and replace it with a salad bowl. The worst thing you can do during the summer is to have a hot, slow-cooked meal which fills you up for hours. You are much better off eating low carb meals a couple of times a day and this will keep you feeling satisfied and cool. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of not turning your oven on and heating the whole house up!

Ditch the sheets

We all love to be able to snuggle under the covers in bed, however, in the summer you will just end up feeling super sweaty and greasy. Instead of using a full duvet, take the cover off and use just the cover during those hot nights. It will make a big difference and you will feel so much cooler as a result.

A cold shower

The best thing you can do on a super hot day is taking a cold shower. When you hop into the shower at the end of the day, put the temperature down as low as you can handle it and enjoy the freshness. You will be cold for a little while and if you start to shiver, just run with it. When you get out you will start to warm up again but you will feel refreshed and clean once more.

Open the windows

Close the curtains but open up the windows. You need to have air circulating around your Home if you are to keep it cool, so make sure that you open a few windows all over the house and let it refresh the entire house. Keeping the curtains closed will stop the heat coming in and it will have the added bonus of making it difficult for flies and other insects to get in.