Keeping Your Bathroom Clean And Clutter-Free

Does anybody really like cleaning their bathroom? As one of the most-used rooms in the home, it’s easy for things to get messy quickly. It can feel like an endless battle to keep your bathroom clean, but your dreams of a pristine bathroom might not be as out of reach as you thought.


Keeping a clean and organized bathroom takes some work, but if you’re willing and ready for it, you can create the perfect bathroom setup. Here are some handy hints for keeping your bathroom clean and clutter-free.

Consider a redesign

Many bathrooms come with a lot of problems, including a distinct lack of storage. A bathroom redesign can address many issues, such as poor storage options, while also letting you change things you dislike about the bathroom such as the tiles or shower setup. Make a wishlist of how you’d like your dream bathroom to look, use Pinterest to get some inspiration and start planning your new bathroom.

Fix any issues which could be causing a mess

With all that water being used, the mess is inevitable in your bathroom. There are some things, however, that could be causing you more issues than you realize. A leaky tap or poor ventilation can lead to damp, mold and mildew - making your bathroom much more of a chore to clean. Contact professionals ABC Home & Commercial to fix your problems and prevent an unnecessary mess. They say prevention is better than cure, and that’s certainly the case in your bathroom.


Have a good decluttering

Is your bathroom full of half-used products, empty containers and everything else? Perhaps it’s time for a good decluttering. There are some simple ways to declutter your bathroom that will help you to free up some space and get rid of things you no longer need to help you maintain your clean bathroom aesthetic,

Decluttering your bathroom is not only good for your sanity but your health too. Medicines can expire quickly than you realize, so it doesn’t hurt to do a stocktake now and then to get rid of anything that is no longer safe to use. The same should go for your makeup and beauty products, as cosmetics expiry dates can also be shorter than you think they are.

Make the most of bathroom storage

Bathroom storage solutions are a godsend for keeping your bathroom neat and tidy. If you have a place for everything, there’s no reason why your entire toiletries and cleaning supplies collection needs to be out on display. Look at options such as under sink storage, shower caddies and storage mirrors to help you keep things out of sight for a much more spacious bathroom.

Decanter your products

It’s easy to accumulate several bottles of products, use half and then never use them again - but these unnecessary products will easily clutter up your bathroom. Buying soap dispensers, shower gel dispensers, etc. will keep your bathroom neat and tidy and create a cool, hotel-like look. Only buy as much as you need to stop you from overspending on unnecessary toiletries and recycle the empty containers once you’ve decanted them.

Clean little and often

A bathroom is much easier to keep clean when you tackle it regularly. Some ‘top up’ cleaning between deep cleans will mean that your bathroom looks cleaner, and makes the task of a more thorough clean less painful. Try using some easy bathroom cleaning hacks to keep your bathroom sparkling between cleans and use dryer sheets to pick up any patches of dust that gather on your surfaces.

When it comes to your bathroom, a little regular cleaning goes a long way - so try to stay on top of it to stay sane.

Invest in a steam cleaner

Bathrooms can take a lot of time to clean, and tasks such as removing shower scum or mopping the floor require a lot of elbow grease to do a good job. However, by investing in the right tools, you can make cleaning the bathroom an easier task - with a steam cleaner being at the top of the list. Learn how to use a steam cleaner to make it easier to remove stubborn tile dirt and to leave your surfaces sparkling, sanitary and safe.

Maintaining your bathroom isn’t always an easy task, but when your space is simple to clean or you keep things more minimal, it does get simpler to stay on top of your bathroom. Make an effort to keep your bathroom clean and clutter-free, for a sparkling space to love in your home.