How To Create A Laundry Schedule That Actually Works

 In this post, Jenn shares with you how she created a laundry schedule that is easy to follow and allows her to stay "caught up" with the laundry.  She also included a free laundry schedule blueprint that you can download and use. #laundry #laundryschedule #laundryscheduleforworkingmoms #laundryroutine #familylaundryschedule #familylaundryroutine #laundryprintable

Laundry- it's a never-ending chore.  As you sit and read this post the laundry is piling up. 

In this post, I'm going to share with you how I created a laundry schedule for my family that works.  I also created a freebie for you so you can set up a laundry routine too (so stay tuned).

There has been a lifetime laundry debate going on.  Should laundry be done once a week or daily?  Which one will save you the most time?  Which one will be the least overwhelming?  

This debate has been going on for as long as I know.

Everyone has their own opinion and you're going to be getting yet another opinion to the classic laundry debate.

I get overwhelmed.  It's the way I was built.  Over the years I've found that I need as much structure as possible for the housework to get done and for me to not get overwhelmed.

As you can imagine laundry is one of those chores that can be overwhelming.  Everyone needs something washed "like yesterday..." and the laundry never gets done.

It's like dishes.  There's always something to washed.

laundry basket.jpg

Since both my daughters are older calling "dibs" on the washer and dryer has become the biggest fight in the house.  It was time for a change.

Like I mentioned earlier, I get overwhelmed so schedules are what I and my family needed to survive.

So I created a laundry schedule- a laundry schedule that actually works.  AND I want to share this schedule with you.

For this overwhelmed momma, daily laundry with a schedule was what I needed to be able to breathe without a paper bag taped to my face.

Setting up your laundry schedule

The reason why I get so overwhelmed with laundry is that I never know what I should clean first.  It seems like every laundry basket is overflowing and there's never a day that I can "catch up" on the household laundry.

Putting together a schedule I can stick to so the laundry gets done (without the embarrassing - "I don't know when that was cleaned last thought") was a little tricky.  Here's how I broke that up:

  • Everyone's clothes got a day
  • Everyone's bedding got a day
  • The house got a day

Then I needed to assign days to everything.

I knew that my washer and dryer were going to be working every day and I was okay with that from the beginning because it already was going every day.

laundry line dried.jpg

It's important to assign light laundry days to your busier days and heavy laundry days to your slower days.  When you're not home to stay on top of the laundry it can be tricky to remember and be efficient.

Here's how our family laundry schedule came out:

  • Monday-Household
  • Tuesday-Youngest bedding
  • Wednesday-Our laundry
  • Thursday-Free day
  • Friday-Our bedding
  • Saturday-Our laundry
  • Sunday-Youngest laundry

Since my oldest is away at college and not using our washer and dryer the demand for laundry has gone down.

How I broke up the laundry days

Mondays are for household laundry.  This includes bathroom towels, shower curtain, curtains, tablecloths, blankets, kitchen towels and anything other household linens that need to be laundered.  

Monday's are my deep cleaning days so I'm home scrubbing everything and it makes it easy for me to do the household laundry on this day.

Tuesdays my youngest strips her bedding before school and I wash, dry, and make her bed for her.

Wednesday I do our laundry.

Thursday is a free day.  This is the day that I play "catch up" on any laundry that might need to be done that I haven't scheduled.  I've found that this ends up being more household laundry.

Friday is our bedding.

Saturday is our second laundry day for the week.

Sunday is my youngest's laundry day.  She gets Sunday so she has an empty laundry basket to start the school week off with.

washer and dryer.jpg

How to make this your own

Now I know your laundry schedule will look nothing like my laundry week.  Every family is different however the process is the same.  That's why I created Momma's Laundry Schedule Blueprint.

The Momma's Laundry Schedule Blueprint includes a weekly schedule plus a worksheet to help you create your own perfect laundry schedule for your household.  Click the button below to download your free copy.

I would love to know in the comments below, what type of things do you do to stay "caught up" with your laundry?

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