Lessons You Can Learn From Great-Aunt Betsy About Moving Homes

When was the last time you sat down with your old relatives and listen to their stories? If you don’t remember it’s fair to say that you might not have listened to any story in a while. After all, what could grandma teach you about life that you don’t know yourself? Or your aging parents, what is it that you could learn from them anymore?

As an adult yourself, you might think that you’ve done your learning. While life might still have a new lesson up its sleeve for you, you find it hard to imagine that this lesson would come from your elderly relatives. Of course, it doesn’t mean you don’t trust or respect them anymore. You do. But you also know that you are better in touch with the reality of the world than they are.


But you’d be stupid not to listen to what they have to say about moving out. Your great-aunt Betsy could teach you a lot about how to organize a comfortable and stress-free move into a new home! Are you ready to listen?


Your priority item is not the TV

As an active MIllennial or a digital-savvy Gen X, it’s easy to fall into the trap of technology. You never think you’re fully at home until you’ve set up your wifi and TV systems. Take a step back and remember what it is all about. Your home. Your nest. Your place of comfort and peace. In short, the first thing you want to prepare in your new home is not where to put the TV, but where your mattress will go. Indeed, your bed is essential to your home routine. If you want to feel at home while you’re still unpacking boxes for days, you need to start by preparing your bedroom. Get the bed ready. If nothing else can be done during your first day of unpacking, at least, you’ve got somewhere to sleep. Comfort, as your old relative would say, is the most important thing in life.

Sometimes it’s best to leave the work to professionals

Great-aunt Betsy knows best when to get her fingers dirty. And one thing she can tell you is that it’s not during the move. In fact, the main reason, she trusts professional moving companies such as Community Mover is that they know what they’re doing. Betsy is not keen on carrying heavy boxes and risking breaking her beloved China service. And that’s precisely what you need to remember. Sure, it’ll be cheaper to do it on your own, but at what cost? You’ll be tired, stressed-out and you might damage some of your belongings in the process. Similarly, getting a fresh coat of paint before the move is also the kind of things that you want to leave to experts. Ultimately, your priority is to hit the ground running in a new place.


Start as early as you can

Elderly relatives tend to prepare everything they need to do ahead. There is no last-minute packing. In fact, they want to reduce their efforts by keeping a list of what to pack when, leaving bulky and space-consuming items to be packed last by professional movers.

Moving homes becomes effortless for someone like your great-aunt Betsy. Not only because they’re used to it, but also because they’ve learned to put their comfort first. What’s stopping from doing the same?