Make Your New Place Feel Like An Old Home

Apart from getting a WhatsApp message from your BFF saying your favorite band is coming to town next month, nothing is more exciting than moving into a new apartment. It’s your chance to embrace the ‘new home, new me’ philosophy, try out new routines, put your best shopping foot forward, indulge in the cuter things in life and enjoy the kind of fresh start you’ve been craving a bit. Yup. Moving apartment is a great way to reinvigorate your life.

That said, there is one teeny-tiny problem and that’s doing it right. You know you want your new place to feel like home, but that is easier said than done as you look around your cardboard box-filled apartment, unable to see how things will work in such uncharted territory, as you struggle to make it to the couch (or even your underwear drawer). You don’t feel comfortable and you don’t feel at home. It sucks.


That’s why we’ve pulled together a few tricks to make your new place feel like home, and quickly too:

1. Delegate To A Re-designer

Call it lazy, call it smart, call it what you will - nothing is going to get you that dream home look faster than someone who knows how to deal with clutter, has style in their bones and gets feng shui right every time. Our advice: unpack what you can, put your things in the rooms you think you want them in and then embrace a bit of home staging by Spindle Design Co. You could even show them the Martha Stewart blog posts you’ve kept open in your browser and your Pinterest boards if you so wish.

2. Homely Touches First

If you want to go it alone, but also want to get your cluttered and empty space feeling lived in as soon as possible, you need to know where to start. That means making your bed, plugging in a few of your favorite lamps, sprucing up your bathroom, setting up a reading corner, and plugging in your retro vinyl player so you can start to spin your favorite records. Home is less a look and more a feeling, and that’s what these things celebrate.


3. Do The Sentimental Things

Bare walls, fusty smells and the lingering sight of takeaway boxes aren’t going to fill your soul with the homely vibes you’re craving, which is why you need to do the little sentimental things that will give your home the personality it needs. Run to the shops, look at the scented candle selection and pick a signature scent for your home. Display the little knick-knacks you’ve collected over the years, whether they’re old photographs, bits of art, the knitted throw your grandma knitted or just the sight of fresh flowers. And then, last but not least, cook yourself a lovely homemade meal. That’s what will make the biggest emotional difference.

4. Rustic Feels Like Home

Of all the interior styles that swirl and whirl around the pages of Vogue and whatnot, none has a more homely feeling than rustic-chic. It’s popping a rustic blanket ladder in your bathroom, make your own pallet-couch, frame your shelving, ask your grandma to knit you some vase sweaters, pop mason jars everywhere and embrace copper-colored fairy lights everywhere you can. It’s the little rustic touches that make a place feel like a home.